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Did you know their's over 12,000 two legged Manganos
roaming this crazy planet

Closing Down

Hi everyone,

Sadly i have to report that Yahoo has decided to close down GeoCites who have been hosting my website since 1998!

So at some stage "later this year"(their words) my website will dissappear!!
I do not have anywhere near the same desire or time as i had when i began this project 11 yrs ago to continue with it or transferring it elsewhere before it closes..

The site is probably due for a full makeover anyway, so i have decided to pass the baton,
I'm going to pass the site on to anyone who is genuinely interested in taking full control of the whole website and transferring it to where ever you please.

I won't be involved with it anymore..!!

if anyone is interested, be quick as they did not give an actual date of closing down
Email sal32@iinet.net.au


OK GOOD NEWS to report :)
I have found a new owner. Michael and Julie Mangano have enthusiastically come forward and proceeded to find it a new home!!

Thank You Michael and Julie

The new address where the building has already begun is now at http://www.manganosearch.com/

Hi and welcome to my homepage

My name is Sam Mangano and I live in Brisbane,
Capital City of the Sunshine State of Queensland in Australia.
Since i created this site back in June 1998, i have recieved hundreds of emails from Manganos from all corners of the world. From Alaska to as far as Zambia in Africa.
Though most replies have been from the USA and Italy, other countries have been Australia, Brazil, Belguim, Canada, France, Paraquay, Sweden.
So as my web site's title says.... " The Manganos we're everywhere ".

The source of all the facts, figures and stories that you'll read on this site come via the net and books that i've researched. If you see any discrepancies please let me know.
As you will see, this site will basically focus on the surname Mangano and a bit about their history, famous and infamous Manganos and other trivial stuff.
If you have anything you would like to share with me about Mangano, or you just what to say hello please email me or sign my Guestbook
Please let me know if you come across a dead link on my site.

Click on these links below

( Please be patient, because of animated images some links might be slow loading )



Since 14 Oct 07.. i have added Youtube videos
........ 3 of Diana Mangano ,
........ 5 of Donna Mangano ,
........ 6 of Silvana Mangano ,
........ 1 of Mangano, Looking out for the homeless,
........ 1 of A Racehorse call 'Vincent Mangano'


Mangano, where did the name come from?
Mangano, where most of us reside in the world
Mangano, Coat of Arms
Mangano, the mineral stone
Mangano, the village in Sicily

( Famous Manganos )

Silvana Mangano, the famous Italian Actress .........<-- (Youtube videos added)
Mangano,(Gambino Family) Crime Boss; plus Al Capone's backup

Others worthy of a mention.
(Perhaps Diana could be categorized as famous, she certainly is part of a famous band)
Diana (leadsinger), Donna (body bulder) ...............<-- (Youtube videos added)
Mangano Actors with minor roles
Dr. Mangano and part of his work ;
Mangano, Electrocution by chair in 1912
Mangano, Ticket to board the Titanic
Mangano, Looking out for the homeless ...............<-- ( video link added)
Mangano, In Battle(Civil War)
Mangano, Book Authors
Mangano, The Nun
Vincent Mangano, the Racehorse ...............<-- ( New, with Youtube video added)

My family tree so far

( Humour )

( Warning, not for kiddies )
Top 9 jokes of 1998
more jokes
Pickup Lines

Thanks to those who have either emailed me or signed my Guestbook.>...>.....>..........>

________Patrick ________Sharon and Cathy ________Peter ________Maurizio ________Paul ________Jerry ________Rachael ________Antonio ________Michael ________Denis ________Joseph A. ________Luanne ________Chris ________Antonino ________Joe ________Mark ________Cathy ________Anthony ________Danny ________Kate ________Dario ________Jeffrey ________Filippo ________Tom Joseph ________Tara ________Larry ________Christina ________MBR Partners Interconsul Inc. ________Frank ________Gina ________Michael and Julie ________Vickie ________Bob ________Luca ________Robbie ________Phillip A ________Gaetano ________Dino ________Terri ________Mark "Sam" ________Joseph ________Justin ________Dominick ________James ________Anthony G. ________Philip Francesco ________Rosemary ________Brian ________Joan ________Philip ________Rich and Sandra ________Paolo ________Thomas ________Gina Marie ________Gabriel ________Andre ________Grace ________John ________Bill ________Giuseppe ________Domenico ________Gianluigi ________Sam ________Jakob ________Don ________Yoseph ________Philomene et Jean-François ________Lorraine ________Loretta ________michael ________Carly and Antoinette ________Salvatore J. ________Tara ________Virginia H ________gianluigi ________JUSTIN ________ENRICO ________peter ________Bob ________Sharon Marie ________Mike ________Mark and Ashton ________Sam ________Anthony J ________Carmelo ________Mariel ________Annemarie ________Frank ________Robert ________ELIZABETH ________Dana ________RENEE ________Carla ________Paul ________Nick ________Salvatore ________Salvatore ( Sonny) ________Honorio ________Laurie Ann ________Marion

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