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  My goal in making this site is to help those thinking about a religious vocation, or those who are just curious about the Catholic faith, find what they are looking for.
    I have been thinking about a religious vocation for a long time, and truly believe that I am called to devote my life to God.  I hope that this site will help to present different communites to those seeking information. Most of these sites are contemplative (cloistered) nuns, and some are just miscelaneous Catholic websites.
Cloistered Communities

~Milwaukee, WI~ This is the website for the Dominican Sisters of the Perpetual Rosary who perpetually recite Our Lady's Rosary 24/7.

ooster/ ~ These are Poor Clare Nuns, although they do live in the Netherlands they give good information about the order.

s.htm ~ Marbury, AL ~ This is an order of Dominican Nuns of Perpetual Adoration and Rosary.  If you are looking for a contemplative order that is more traditional you should look into these sisters.

cov/ ~ Covington, LA These are Discalced Carmelite Nuns.  Their website is very informative!

r.org/ ~ Madison, WI This is a website devoted to an order of Cistercian Nuns.  This order has a very strick rule, but you can truly admire these Nuns.

Active Com

inican.org~ Nashville, TN~ This is a teaching order who teach all over the U.S.

e.org ~ Bronx, NY~ This order is dedicated to preserving the sanctity of life from the womb to the tomb.

For those discerning a religious vocation I would recommed saying the Rosary. Our Mother made us 15 promises if we say the Rosary devoutly everyday.  They are awsome.  She actually said them!  I would really recommend saying it.  I guess that you could say that the Rosary saved me. When I say it I think about Jesus continually, when I don't I fall to temptation easier.  I ask Our Lady to pray for all of you every night.  Please ask her to pray for me.  I also like to say that if you really believe that God is calling you don't hesitate to talk to a Sister.  I wanted to talk to a Priest about what I felt like God was calling me to, but I was afraid to talk to him for some reason.  So I prayed for strength.  One day he came up to me and told me that he thought that I had a vocation to the religious life!  He came to me!  Praying is the key.
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