A Spoken Word CD


Take a journey to a different place; somewhere that feels familiar, almost like home. 

But it's also a place that seems strange... surreal.  Cathy Kaplan's Spoken Word CD, "Patchwork Me,"

 explores instances in life that we all experience, think about, and sometimes avoid.

Cathy's words infuse with music to create a place that she has been building her entire life.


Take a 30 minute journey into someone else's world.

You may be surprised by how far you traveled, or how close you stayed to home.


Audio Samples can be found here:

The Poems:  

1.  Modern Moments

2.  City Dwelling

3.  Health Tips 101

4.  Fishing

5.  Mother Luna

6.  Suit-less Woman Warrior

7.  Sick Day

8.  Operators Standing By

9.  Surviving Modern America

10.  Impossible

11.  Embrace Ignorance

Words - Copyright 2006 Cathy Kaplan 

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*Thank you, Steve Kornicki for creating all of the music to give life to my words.

Visit Steve's site or Email him

Patchwork Me Spoken Word CD Copyright 2006 Cathy Kaplan & Steve Kornicki

Published by Fragmented View Music/BMI

All rights reserved.