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Food Worth Living For
by: Catherine Ann Rojas

The best meal is not always found in a five-star hotel or in expensive restaurants. There are places where you could get food that is hotel quality but the price is very light for the pocket. There are also places where the price is right for the food you get.There are people who think that the best places to eat around La Salle are the usual fast food chains like McDonald's, Jollibee, Wendy's and KFC, to name a few. However, there are others who like to explore other places to eat and they become satisfied with what they could get.

The Beach

Agno is a very popular street for La Sallians. Students would usually go there for their "yosi" break or to get great deals on a different kind of "side-walk foods," such as taco salad, foot long hotdogs, pasta, burgers, and rice meals. There are only a few who knows about The Beach. It is actually a parking lot a little farther from the Enrique M. Razon Sports Center. Why is it called "The Beach" in the first place? It is actually because of the coconut trees and the rocky soil that reminds someone of the shoreline. There is actually a small house that serves pasta, taco salad, chicken and beef pita, sirloin steak, chicken steak and lamb chops that complements the look.

Their lamb chops is actually one of the best selling dishes of the place. Some students would just actually go there to eat lamb shops. The dish could actually make one feel so full because the serving is actually big. The meal also includes a cup of rice, a serving of mashed potatoes and your choice of drink, which ranges from your favorite soda, iced tea or sago't gulaman. You can actually get all of these for just 80 pesos.

The taste is also as good as the price. You get a nice big, juicy piece of meat that is very savory up to the last bite. The available condiments would also let you explore how you want your lamb chops to be. Unlike other restaurants that serve a very expensive meal (which you soon end up feeling bad about it), lamb chops at the beach makes your meal satisfying because you get a very good meal for a very low price.

Dimsum Galore

Some people actually do not like going to Harrison Plaza because the place is actually old and the shops are not the usual ones we find in other malls. Little did they know that the best bargains could actually be found there.

One of the best places to look for is Paotsin Specialties in the Rustan's Supermarket food court. Paotsin serves a variety of Dimsum as well as very delicious beverages. Their best selling dish is actually the steamed and fried shark's fin. They are also known for their scallop dumplings, crab claws, prawn puff, beef wanton and pork siomai. The price of the dumplings ranges from 22 pesos to 28 pesos.

You could also choose the sauce for your dimsum. Their available sauces are sweet and sour, sweet and sour with chili, toyomansi and toyomansi with chili. You could also complement your dumplings with rice. You could get your choice of dumpling and a Styrofoam full of plain rice for only 30 pesos or if you like Hainanese rice, you could get it for only 34 pesos.

The meal can only be completed with their special Buko Pandan juice or Sago't Gulaman that only costs 10 pesos for a regular size drink and 12 pesos if you want the large serving.

You could get the satisfying taste of how you want your Chinese meal for as low as 40 pesos. It is a bargain and you now have a reason to visit Harrison Plaza, Paotsin also have a branch inside the College of Saint Benilde.

Not Just Seattle's Best Coffee

Another reason to visit Harrison Plaza is to visit the newly opened Village Square where Seattle's Best Coffee is located.

The average La Sallian might want to try something new when it comes to coffee because Starbucks, Frio Mixx, Tubbie's and Java Café are the usual places where they have coffee.

The walk to Harrison Plaza is worth once you have tasted the brew from Seattle's Best. They offer a variety of blends for your hot coffee and also serve cold coffee the way you want it. You could also add whipped cream for only 10 pesos. The prices of coffee at Seattle's Best ranges from 30 pesos to 140 pesos. The prices are slightly cheaper from Starbucks but you get the same quality and the same satisfaction.

You can start your day by having coffee along with the other dishes that they serve like Adobo pan de sal, croissant, Danish pastries, cakes, sandwiches and salads. You can actually enjoy it by yourself or with friends anytime of the day.

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