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"My earliest Trek memories are from the third grade, roughly 1966, when our weekly newspaper had a short section of the script for "Tomorrow is Yesterday" and we were all assigned parts. I campaigned among my little friends to get the Spock part, and they agreed I was a good bet because I could pronounce all the words. I've been writing fanfic since - lessee - the summer of 1997." chat


"I first became aware of the existence of fandom in late 1994, when I found the Trek boards on AOL and learned about zines and fanfic. It was tough going in the beginning though, because I was only interested in Classic Trek, and at that time there wasn't much to be found online. I had no idea how to go about meeting other fans. I knew only that there existed some vague nebulous group of people I wanted to meet... sort of like a secret society and I didn't yet have the password." chat

Judith Gran

"What blew my mind about Kirk was this: Here was this guy who had absolutely awesome responsibility, who was out there on the edge of the universe exploring the unknown, running the best ship in the fleet, making life and death decisions, dealing with terror and tragedy and trying to uncover the most profound mysteries of the galaxy, and--he was plainly enjoying every minute of it. This goes back to that elemental joy that I saw in the character." chat


"It was the first time a story ever formed completely in my mind in one solid piece instead of as a series of individual scenes. At the time I thought, 'Other people get visions of the Virgin Mary. Why do I get visions of Klingons going down on Chekov?'" chat

Laura Jacquez Valentine

"Really, when you get feedback telling you that the sex in a PG-13 story was "hot", is there any need to write NC-17?" chat

Robin Lawrie

"As long as they make TV shows with blokes in them, there will be slash on the web. A slasher might move on to another fandom, or stop writing for a bit, but there'll always be slash somewhere." chat

PB Wrapper

"I don't mind reading stories in which Chekov has female partners. He, let me assure you, vastly prefers being in stories with female partners. He's a straightforward little fellow. But if he's happy, and she's happy, then where's the story?" chat


"I started watching TOS in reruns in about 1969. I missed the originals by not living where they were broadcast. I was hooked quickly. I've been a fan ever since. In terms of any organized fandom, though, I am a relative newcomer having found fandom on the web only about 3 years ago. My first ST con was Shoreleave 1998." chat


"I saw the third season of "Star Trek" in its original run. I would have watched it all, but my family kept the first two seasons a deep, dark secret from me; they knew I was a sci-fi fan, and the first two seasons were on opposite "Bonanza." So I lost out to the Cartwright Clan."


"I began writing only because I ran out of things I wanted to read. Having just discovered the 'net and inhaled everything there I could get, I felt compelled to write something *I* liked better than the stories I could find. I'm kinky--so sue me.:)"


"When people ask me if they should stop writing because someone gave them a negative crit I ask them: What makes you write? If they say it's because they can't NOT write, I tell them to ignore the crit. There is no way to please everyone and someone is always going to say it's not good enough. The only person a writer has to please, first and foremost, is themselves. If others like what they have to say, all the better."


"I think the real strength of slash isn't the sex, it's that the writers and readers are taking these cultural icons and twisting them, looking at them in new ways, re-interpreting them and thus the things they have come to stand for."


"Spock! Spock! Spock! I've always loved Spock's character. He has internal conflicts, but they've never crippled him. He's not afraid to look inward, but yet the people closest to him are not privy to what goes on there. His reactions are subtle and nuanced, and while he expresses so much with the tiniest gesture, it's always open to interpretation. Through all the years, he continues to grow. The Spock of the episodes is not the Spock of the movies, and neither of those are the Spock of TNG. What a terrific character, and what a terrific actor."

Jungle Kitty

"You're very cool, too. I think we both need sweaters."

Greywolf the Wanderer

"I've been writing ever since I was 11. I write because I have all these stories busting to get out, and I have to write 'em down. Prior to that I was the Storyteller for my sister and my next-door-neighbor kids; we used to make up Trek stories and playact them. When I was real little, like six or seven, I used to play with my pipe-cleaner men and toy soldiers, and make up stories that they would act out. I can't remember ever not making up stories."

Kit Ramage

"I didn't expect to see Bashir and Garak ever get together, but as long as lunches were shared, chocolates exchanged, and the occasional intense eye-contact made, I was happy with the way things were. It only became important to me when the writers began to back off on the G/B relationship in the 4th season. I had to resort to my own imagination to fill things in, and I started writing."


Copyright and Fanfic

"In my experience over the years of talking and writing about copyright issues with Trek fans, the biggest hump to get over (so to speak) seems to be the concept that there are *exceptions* in copyright law to the general rule that you can't copy someone else's product."


"You remember the net vs. zines discussion in the Kirk/Spock newsletter we were talking about a couple of weeks ago? I just got a message from one of the editors refusing to print my letter. I decided this probably means I was *meant* to post it to the Society for Slash Diversity. So here it is."

On 'Mary Sue' and 'Lay' Stories

"An interesting thread unfolded on ASC recently on the topic of "Mary Sue" stories. For me, the discussion provided a good opportunity to pull my thoughts together on this subject and a related one, the "lay" story, in which an alter-ego of the author gets it on with one of the ST regulars."


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Daydream Believer Kirk/Chekov

"'Wake up, Pavel.'"

Liminal Kirk/Chekov

"Kirk scrolled through the report, suppressing a smile. Their latest discovery was a human society which showed none of the traits Commander Spock insisted were human trade marks. There was no recent history of active warfare, no outward expansionism, no sign of exploitation of the planet's resources beyond what was sustainable, no overpopulation, and no evidence that it was avoided through genocide, plague or starvation. And none of the obvious ills of stagnation either. This appeared to be a world whose inhabitants were in perfect harmony with themselves and their environment."

How the Mighty Have Fallen Kirk/Chekov

"Ensign Pavel Andreievich Chekov, newly commissioned and nine days post-graduation, boarded the USS Enterprise. Being first in his class had always brought him rewards above and beyond the normal cadet, however, at this moment, he wished he had been a little further back in the line for the crew draft. It was said that Captain James Kirk, known around the campus as "James the Mighty," as in mighty strict, mighty demanding, and mighty pissed when you screwed up, only selected the best for his command, but you certainly paid the price in the long run."

The Green Eyed Monster Kirk/Chekov

"'It's not me, Bones.'" Kirk impatiently took his cup before the compartment was fully open. "'It's Chekov. For the past two weeks, he's been walking around with his head in a nebulae. He's probably started dating someone.'"

Encounter on Mount Olympus Kirk/Chekov

"Pavel Chekov was being carried away. This was not unusual. He was being carried away by a giant eagle. This was very unusual."

Mount Olympus Revisited Kirk/Chekov

"'Those old myths are fascinating enough in themselves." McCoy winked at Spock. "Sorry to steal your favorite word, but you'll find'em fascinating, too. Make Jim lend that book to you when Chekov's finished.'"

Ensign, It's Cold Outside Kirk/Chekov

"The ensign, with the gale behind him, blew into the tent and was now battling to close the flaps. Warm, capable hands took over from his and laced the opening tight against the weather."

Unseasonably Hot Kirk/Chekov

"It was Christmas Eve, if that mattered when you were aboard a starbase in orbit above Cartes 5. Christmas Eve, and until a moment ago, it had looked as if the first year of the five year mission was about to end on a warm, fuzzy note."

The Birthday Wish Kirk/Chekov

"Kirk slowly ran his right hand down the arm of the person lying next to him as he tried to recall the events of the previous evening. His memory was still a muddy clump, impenetrable in the haze of a blinding hangover."

Resignation Kirk/Chekov

"The crippled USS Enterprise limped its way to Earth from Regulus I, inside the ship, the crew was just as damaged. Doctor McCoy was acting deranged, and Scotty never left engineering. He was dealing with his grief the only way he knew how, with work. Admiral Kirk, avoiding everyone, was holed up in his quarters supposedly writing reports."

The Vacancy Kirk/Chekov

"'Dear Jim,
'Congratulations on your new posting in San Francisco.
'There is a vacant bedroom in the house I share with Ensign Chekov. You may make temporary or permanent use of it if you wish.

The Romp Kirk/Chekov

"Some ancient survival instinct inspired the ensign to dive under Kirk's desk."

The Diplomatic Situation Kirk/Chekov

"James T. Kirk was not the most patient being in the galaxy or even the greater Bay area."

Wakefulness Kirk/Chekov

"Sometimes Kirk woke in the middle of the night and looked at Chekov sleeping next to him."

Sulu, PG-13 Kirk/Chekov

"Lieutenant Uhura turned on hearing a huge sigh. Her colleague, Hikaru Sulu, was seated alone at a rec room table, staring at an untouched plate of fried sushi, and an empty saki glass."

All Revved Up Kirk/Chekov

"God, how he loved working on this car; getting the engine to purr just for him. Nothing turned him on quite the same way as the sounds and smells of his beloved 1964 Tchaika."

Captain's Gig Kirk/Chekov

"The captain's gig was a lovely lightweight vessel -- larger than a shuttle, but still diminutive enough to fit comfortably in one of the Enterprise's bays. It was absolutely criminal that this sweet little yacht didn't see more use."

A Few More Things in the Galileo Kirk/Chekov

"The Enterprise in dry-dock was not the most heart stoppingly beautiful sight in the galaxy. Her graceful lines were rather lost in the dusty sunlight that slanted off her in the dry-dock on Mnr 7. She looked rather tired and somewhat jaded."

Two Heads are Better Than One Spock/Chekov

"Ensign Chekov was dejected. It was bad enough the _Enterprise_ had been sent to drydock in this boring, blank part of the quadrant. But why did the Fleet have to pick the drydock on Mnr? Beautiful silver Mnr--famous for its light gravitational field. A favorite of engineers and ship captains for easy repairs, a favorite of crews for the things you could do--*special* things--in .66 gravity... And Chekov had nothing but work in front of him."

The History of Latex Spock/Chekov

"'Yes, sir, I am certain it is a Russian inwention!'"

Uninvited Spock/Chekov

"Spock was beginning to tire of the constant concern for his health."

Perchance to Dream Spock/Chekov

"'How telepathic are Vulcans?'"

If Music be the Food of Love Spock/Chekov

"The dream was never the same twice. Tonight, Chekov appeared to him in civilian clothes that suggested a historical Terran setting."

The Latest Dream I Ever Dreamed Spock/Chekov

"The dreams stopped."

Closure Spock/Chekov

"*Dear Spock,*"

The Outpost Spock/Chekov

"A light tapping woke Chekov. He sat up in bed and watched his visitor enter through the window."

The Holiday Spock/Chekov

"'Now, lad, don't go high maintenance on me," Scott said briskly. "You know the engines have got to be space tested and the schedule's the schedule.'"

Chekov, Are You Trying to Seduce Me? McCoy/Chekov

"'Yes. Am I doing it wrong?' A wicked glint glowed deep in the warm brown eyes; a charming mixture of arousal, affection and pure mischief. Chekov had the doctor's full attention and knew it."

Congratulations McCoy/Chekov

"After much careful reading and some serious thought, McCoy did something he'd never done before: he made an appointment with the first officer."

...has better plans... McCoy/Chekov

"McCoy pried Chekov off his lips with difficulty."

How Was Your Shoreleave? McCoy/Chekov


Carnivale Scott/Chekov

"Montgomery Scott heard his name called over the hubbub of the crowd. It was Carnivale on Bennett's Planet, and they were in the middle of it during the Enterprise's extended stop to deliver much needed supplies for the sector." (Part of the EFF)

The Evening Scott/Chekov

"'Ye've taken your time gettin' here, haven't ye, lad?' Scott scolded the navigator to hide his immense relief that the young man was in his quarters at last."

The Bagpipes Scott/Chekov

"Chekov woke to the muted sound of bagpipes. Knowing he was alone he rolled over to look for Scott anyway."

Power Dynamics and Misbehaviour Sulu/Chekov

"The lieutenant slammed the door of his suite and turned to face his team. His entire team of one."

The Workout Sulu/Chekov

"Randolph moved Chekov out of his way with a strategically placed elbow to the midsection. The security officer used just enough pressure to force the younger smaller man back a few steps, but not so much that the sly, quick movement could be considered an actual shove."

Flowers and Chocolate Sulu/Chekov

"'I have never particularly enjoyed it,' Chekov announced."

The Incident Aboard the Thurber Chekov/female

"Kirk waited until ensign and lieutenant had taken a chair each before he followed suit. Neither looked comfortable."

Lights in the Sky Chekov/female

"'How does he do it?' Pavel Chekov wondered as he kissed the warm, soft lips of the beautiful A'ee'shah passionately, deeply, and for the very last time."

Scent of Success Chekov/female

"Returning from McCoy's tests, even with the satisfaction of having passed every one, Janice Lester was aware of adrenaline pulsing through Kirk's arteries."

The Taming Trilogy (Hypertext Version) Chekov/Klingon

The Taming Chekov/Klingon

"'Is this the one you wanted?'"

The Return Spock/Chekov

"Chekov had nearly drifted off to sleep again when his captor returned."

The Taming 3, Version A Chekov/Klingon

"'This is not a safe place for humans.'"

The Taming 3, Version B, Ending A Chekov/Klingon

"'It can't be you.'"

Journey of the Heart Chekov/Sarek

"Although we had never met, deep within my soul there was a stirring of recognition. The face was one of innocence and spirit that I had never before seen in a living being. The eyes danced with the mischievous nature of a mythical sprite."

The Search Chekov/Sarek

"I did not intend for this to happen."

Party Pooper Chekov/Sarek

"Sixteen Standard hours and the parties celebrating the entry of the strategic Jossitur system into the Federation showed no signs of abating. At the Chakattir Palace, where he was going off duty at last, Chekov was finally wilting." (Part of the EFF)

Innocent When You Dream Chekov/Christopher Pike

"Christopher Pike felt the tingle of the transporter beam release him as the world materialized around him. The first thing he saw was the line of fresh-faced cadets, scrubbed so clean they were fairly glowing, standing at attention. The crisp call of the bosun's pipe pulled him down from the transporter pad." (Part of the EFF)

You Know What She'll Say Chekov/Carol Marcus

"Like I said, never mix romance with business." Captain Terrell stamped his foot down hard into the boot of his enviro-suit, grinning into the high collar as he watched his exec turn and glare at him." (Part of the EFF)

In Your Shadow Chekov/Saavik

"Pavel took a deep breath as he approached the door of the old, worn, stately building. He had thought himself ready to accept this assignment, now he wasn't so sure. It had been a long time since he had entered this arena and the last time had been as a student, not an instructor." (Part of the EFF)

Sweet as a Peach Uhura/Chekov

"Just their luck that shoreleave coincided with the hottest time of the Melorian year. Oh well, a shoreleave was a shoreleave and she had very pleasant company on this one."

About Last Night Kirk/Chekov/female

"Even though the work of the Enterprise was split into four shifts, to promote the most efficient use of all its facilities, there were times and places when the phrase 'dead of night' seemed all too appropriate."

Vanya Kyle/Chekov

"By the time Chekov reached the cabin he'd been assigned, his legs were about to give up on him. It was a measure, he supposed, of how many casualties the Enterprise had sustained, how many still needed urgent treatment just to stay alive, that he'd evaded McCoy and reached the bridge. That Kirk had let him stay there, even welcomed him."

Who Gives a Damn for Adonis? Chekov/Apollo

"Apollo smiled at him, crooking the golden arc of a perfectly sculpted eyebrow. 'Lord, I think. Or sir, if you prefer. So many customs and usages. I lose track. What *is* your tribe? You look a little Bactrian.'"

Chance Encounters Kirk/Spock

"I kneel here before the ceremonial pot, my fingers steepled, positioned for meditation. Again, the ability to release the present world and find the peace that I need has failed."

How Thor Got His Hammer Back Kirk/Spock

"It was morning in Asgard, home of the Gods. As the Mighty Thor awoke, he did as always: He reached for his Hammer, the weapon that made him strong and invincible, the Gods' most powerful defence against the Giants, the forces of Chaos."

A Printfan's Nightmare Kirk/Spock

"'Oh, God!'" Kirk cried out as he spread his legs farther apart. 'All of it Spock...I need you in me. Further,' he begged."

The Silver Avis Kirk/Spock

"' Just open it, Spock. It's a birthday present.'"

As Time Goes By Spock/McCoy

"Scene: A transporter central in Castalanca City. A Romulan commander -- yes, *the* Romulan commander -- is just beaming down from spacedock. Captain Montgomery Scott, prefect of the local police, leads the welcoming committee."

After The Rescue Spock/McCoy

"Spock looked into McCoy's eyes as the air in the Galileo began to burn and allowed himself to rest easily in the smile there. It crossed Spock's mind that it was illogical to appear so pleased at such a desperate and futile act as the doctor had just witnessed but that McCoy's reaction was, well, actually quite pleasing to the Vulcan on a strangely non intellectual level. Pleasing and rather confusing at the same time. And this was the last thought Spock had before hearing the transporter hum and subsequently falling on to his ass on the transporter platform of the Enterprise."

Illogic Spock/McCoy

"It was as if, he began again sternly, he -- no, a *human* -- had been asked to hold in their hands a mass of writhing grubs. Wet. Slimy. Half decayed. Then, to name them. To give them the affectionate little names, as they would a pet. And then slide them, one, by one,into a vein, where they would wriggle free to writhe and copulate and breed in the bloodstream. To be the host to these parasites for all time."

When Need Outweighs Logic Spock/McCoy

"I fight myself out of the dreams. They torment me with their eroticism, and they push my deeply hidden and suppressed emotions to the surface."

Observations Spock/McCoy

"I held my breath. I did not wish to disturb this dream. It was erotic. I could see the area between his thighs growing, causing the landscape of the blanket to change from shape of the desert with its gentle swells and valleys, to the shape of a solitary mountain sitting among the red plains of Vulcan."

Skylights Kirk/Spock/McCoy

"Sitting in the seat of the hovercar, he pulled the thin material around him. He had found it in one of the storage compartments and presumed it was supposed to be some type of a blanket, but it wasn’t nearly thick enough to keep the nighttime chill away. 'This damned planet is supposed to be hot!' Leonard McCoy grumbled to himself as he strained once more to see the nearly invisible entrance to the structure that was located just meters outside of the shuttle’s window."
Part one of the Under the Sun Series

Life is but a Dream Kirk/Spock/McCoy

"Even before opening his eyes, Jim could feel a heated form pressing against his naked body and a strong, warm arm wrapped around his back."
Part two of the Under the Sun Series

The Burning Sands Kirk/Spock/McCoy

"Jim had purchased a variety of breakfast fruits and breads in hopes of finding foods that would interest Spock. But he noticed the Vulcan only drank coffee and never touched the other items on the table. It had been several days since he had seen Spock eat anything substantial."
Part three of the Under the Sun Series

Easy Does It McCoy/Sarek

"'I am requesting that Leonard McCoy accompany me. Although there are medical personnel in route, it is mandatory to have someone to organize these efforts. I believe Dr. McCoy possesses the necessary skills.'"
Part four of the Under the Sun Series

The Winter of Despair Kirk/Spock/McCoy

"A warm body was spooned against him. The arms encircling him were strong and sure, and he felt protected and safe. He rolled in the arms to find the lips that had been caressing his neck, but where there should have been full, soft lips, there was emptiness."
Part five of the Under the Sun Series

Samurai Kirk/Sulu

"Sulu walked quickly down the corridor, rubbing one hand against the other and shivering, still. It had taken forever for the shuttle to reach them, and he didn't have a clue why a senior member of the bridge crew was piloting it."

Keeping Traditions Kirk/Sulu

"He knew that he shouldn't leave the party like that, but he couldn't help it - he had to go to the bridge of his spaceship all alone. And it was as he expected; even in space dock, the sight on the main screen was beautiful."

To Share a Dream Kirk/Sarek

"The stars and Spock did that to him every time, Kirk thought as his wet fingers rubbed over his still stiff member."

To Mend a Heart Kirk/Sarek

"If he had thought about it, he would have realized that he would meet Sarek again sooner or later at a reception."

To Heal a Mind Kirk/Sarek

"One week, one day, fourteen hours."

In Her Time of Need Sarek/Amanda

"He held her close, in the human fashion, though neither of them wept. He would not allow himself to lose control like that, and for his sake, neither would she. She would have plenty of time to grieve, alone ... after he left for Earth."

Amanda's Rules Sarek/Amanda

"The man in the bed groggily opened his eyes. The spear of sunlight that pierced the dimly lit room was so intense, his nictating membrane flicked down over his eyes protecting them from the brightness. Slowly his eyes became accustomed to the light and the translucent membrane lifted."

Reminiscing Sarek/Amanda

"Sarek and Amanda lay in the afterglow of their lovemaking. Amanda had undergone a statis treatment for a blood ailment and this was her first night at home in over a month."

The Matriarchy Sarek/Amanda

"Dawn broke over the sands of the Sas-a-shar desert. 40 Eridani A's rays spilled into a room in a house on the edge of the desert. The light illuminated a man and woman sleeping."

Contempt of Council Sarek/Amanda

"Spock was dead. Sarek glanced at the official stargram he held in his hand, then crumpled it viciously. Amanda's sobbing could be heard in the living room and he turned to comfort his wife."

Broken Angel Kirk/McCoy; Kirk/Spock

"Doctor's Private Log: Stardate 6723.9"

One Night on Rura Penthe Kirk/McCoy

"Leonard McCoy was exhausted -- from the journey, the march through the blizzard and the frightening events of their first day in the Klingon prison camp -- and had expected to fall asleep as soon as he lay down on the hard bunk. But he hadn't taken the cold into account."

Emotional Release Uhura/Amanda

"Uhura followed the sound of weeping ... that's when she found her, hugging her knees to her chest as she huddled in the overstuffed chair in the observation lounge. She was hardly recognizable as the woman Uhura had been introduced to just a few short days ago ... but then, she had been through a great deal in those few days."

Useless on Mrivin Scott/Sulu

"'Aye, yer useless, lad,' Scott sighed in exasperation."

Indiscretion McCoy/Sulu

"Sulu looked at the doctor, and the doctor looked at Sulu. Then they both looked into the hotel room they each had a key to."

Interrogation Bashir/Sloan

"Sloane smiled at the handsome doctor's shock. Bashir had just found out that he was under investigation by Section 31, that everything he'd experienced since he'd awoken the morning of his appointment with Sloane up until a few minutes earlier had been a complete fabrication, courtesy of the top secret organization."

Dysecdysis Garak/Bashir

"My dearest, beloved Caratina"

The First Time Garak/Bashir

"Garak was unsure as to how this turn of events had happened. He was also unsure of his feelings on the matter."

The Pleasure of his Company Picard/Riker

"The Ten Forward Lounge was dimly lit and had soft music playing in the background–"One For The Road", an old Terran ballad by the 20th Century artist, Frank Sinatra–to serenade the few remaining customers left at the end of another busy evening."




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