A Patient's Guide to Chondrosarcoma

Chondrosarcoma Questions

Chondrosarcoma is pronounced (KAHN-dro-sar-KO-ma)

This site is being maintained by a patient who has survived Chondrosarcoma. I am not a physician. I have no medical professional degree. I am an average person, a patient, who has long term survival, and no recurrence of Chondrosarcoma for many years.

I have learned many things along the way about Chondrosarcoma. I am sharing here what I have learned, and providing as much information as possible to the best of my ability, and understanding.

It can be very confusing to research Chondrosarcoma on the internet. There are so many kinds of Sarcoma, and one can get confused sorting out the facts. Over the years, some of my doctors have taught me a great deal. I have attended college courses, including pre-med. I have learned how to do appropriate research on how to find authentic articles on Chondrosarcoma. I hope to save others from having to spend their lives trying to learn about Chondrosarcoma on their own. If I can help just one person to get through their experience with Chondrosarcoma, then all my years of going through it alone, and never knowing another soul with the same diagnosis, will have been worth it.

The most valuable lesson I learned from my experiences with Chondrosarcoma? It is imperative that I ask questions, get answers, then ask more questions and get more answers. Also, go for a second opinion if necessary, with those most qualified to make the diagnosis and treatment. After all, it was my life and my health at stake.

The following questions are answered.

1) What's the difference between healthy bone and Chondrosarcoma?

2) What is Chondrosarcoma?

3) What are the possible risks of developing Chondrosarcoma?

4) What are the symptoms of Chondrosarcoma?

5) What locations in the body are chondrosarcoma tumors commonly found?

6) Where is the best place to go to receive appropriate medical treatment?

7) What are the methods used to diagnose chondrosarcoma?

8) What is tumor staging for chondrosarcoma?

9) What are the different kinds of Chondrosarcoma?

10) What are the chances for full remission, cure and survival?

11) What would happen if no surgery is done to remove chondrosarcoma?

12) What about Radiation and Chemotherapy for Chondrosarcoma?

13) What are the possible long-term physical effects of Chondrosarcoma?

14) Is support available for Chondrosarcoma patients?

15) What does a Chondrosarcoma Patient have to say about group support?

16) What complementary or alternative methods of treatment are known to be successful in curing chondrosarcoma?

17) Who is the long term Chondrosarcoma Survivor who created this site?

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This site was created in loving memory of Raj A. Megha.


This material should not be used as a basis for treatment decisions, and is not a substitute for professional consultation. It is further recommended that patients and laypersons looking for guidance among the sources of this webpage are strongly advised to review the information with their professional health care provider.

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