Chorley 1900-2001

Chorley is a place where northern grit, if not soul, radiates from every red brick wall...more

Punk house is back on the menu.Throw your Red Moon Joe albums in the waste compactor, dissolve those 2 Go Fishing tickets in acid and get down to the sounds of tommorow.

It all started off so well, or if you 
were unlucky, badly. What went 
wrong? Here are a collection of 
strories of growing up in Chorley.

It needs an acid sense of humour to bare life in a gritty northern town. Chorley's celebrities are known worldwide for their razor sharp wit. 

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Listen to clips from new album by the Knights In Satans Service. Featuring one time Coppull street renegade and ex-Armitage Sharks member Lee Cabinet.

"Tek, a computerised designer drug, has taken over the streets of Coppull....." Dowload the warriors of tek screensaver and theme tune..

Readers Top Ten

1. Coal Mining
2. Stamp Collector
3. The Worst Days of Your Life
4. Chocolate Briefs
5. Soiled Chefs Pants
6. Severed Head
7. 19 Mornington Crescent

8 8. Mr T is at deaths door
9. El Gimpo
10. Peeping Terry

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It's impossible to be truely objective about Chorley if it is your hometown, but what if you were from Honduras and had never heard of Blackburn or Preston, let alone Chorley?
Hey, is that a man in a dress? Crazy! From the biker mayhem of the Jackson Arms to the chic and sophistication of Applejax. A weekend in Chorley is a rollercoaster ride...
The cream of the areas self-taught  scientists discuss the Lancashire of tomorrow. Chaired by publican and amateur astronomer Frank Viborg.
See the real Chorley that lurks beneath the thin veneer represented in more reputable tourist literature.