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8/7/00 FINALLY! AN UPDATE!! Blegh. I've been trying to get a lot of the stuff back up on the World, and I relised something; We're quickly running out of space. Hmm...this could call for a server move. Within the next few weeks, expect LFL World to move to my Crosswinds account. Anyhoo, 3, count 'em, 3, new chapters of the Journey, courtsey of Karen o'er at the forums. Please, please reply to them. Also, fixed links for LFL Book 3. The Apprentice League has been canceled, for now, due to lack of interest of both me and players...I'll still be working on the LFL patch for apprentice, though. Welp, g'bye all. C-ya later-CSL

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  Prodigy by:                Lugia249 a.k.a. Snuble

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7/24/00 Wow..long time since an update, huh? Anyhoo...Well, about the last update...you guys don't suck. My fans, are, without a doupt, some of the best out there, if not THE best. And, saying that last week got nearly 20 people to come to the board, and 1 to join the league, some I guess everything worked out in the end....LFL: Book 3 is up! Ch. 1-5 + the prologue. Nifty. Right now, the league is shootin' for Aug. 13-14, unless something comes up between now and then. Also, WAL, www.lflworld.com will be up fairly soon...Keep yer fingers crossed...I'm working on a LFL patch for apprentice. So far I have Base Set and half of LFL Set 1 done...Keep yer eyes open for that.....1 new affilate....Pokemon-Unglued! has changed it's name to Yada-Yada, you'll want to check that out...

OK, now here's why there havn't been any updates for 2 weeks...GEOCITIES ATE MY SITE!!!!!!! It took me all last week to re-load all this junk, so if you find any broken links and whatnot, please tell me!

Cheers! -CSL

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The Official Website for another great fan-fic, The Poketeam!


7/5/00 Y'know somehing? You guys suck. I'm out here busting my arse for you guys, writing fic, posting your fics, making fake cards, puting your links up, and you guys can't even come to my message board. Would it hurt you that much? Nobody even entered my Apprentice League. = ( Anyhoo, 1 new chapter of LFL, 2 new affilates, fixed links in the archives. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to be alone. -CSL

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6/12/00 I think Tornus has just become my new best friend....HE'S THE ONLY PERSON TO COME TO THE NEW FORUMS!!!!! So go there. Also, enter the LFL World Apprentice League. If you don't, I'll hurt you. Don't make me resort to violence....:p  Anyhoo, SINGLF has sent in some more of her wonderful Fic, Where You Are. Yay. Still watin' for a reply for the Echidna... I'm gonna join a WebRing today, so if the HTML goes all wonky at some point, please don't blame me... Gettin' close to the 2K...If we hit it before Wendsday, I'll do something...special. ^_^ -CSL


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6/7/00 Why has no-one gone to the board??? This makes me very sad. Make me happy; Go to the board. :-p Anyhoo, 1 new chapter of The Journey. Also, the "LFL World Apprentice League" is going to be starting soon, click here for details. One new affilate today, the Echidna's Den. Wow.. ^_^

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