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Philippine Consumer Complaints

August 2

Civic Duty

Here's basically where I stand. I am interested in consumer empowerment because I believe that many times, merchants offering goods and services do not offer enough customer service.

How do we address that?

Well, I suppose it starts with consumer education. We have to know which companies/establishments are trying to cheat us or at least give us the short end of the deal. Through dissemination of such information, we can then pass informed judgement on such establishments.

Who knows where that leads right? Hopefully, it will pressure the organization to get its act together.

What kind of complaints should we post?

Anything at all. It can be a company that violates laws. It can be an establishment that offers lousy service. You have a complaint against a company. Just post it here.

On a personal level, I will try to contact the company and prompt them on the issues being raised against them. Hopefully, they will give a satisfactory response. Otherwise, we can figure out which regulatory agency is responsible for correcting such company's ill-advised practices.

Let us begin! Click on that POST A COMPLAINT link on the top left part of the page.