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Stand at the threshold

Verkis (angle) : Stephen D. JONES

Fonto : © SFBC 2002.09.29
with the kind permission of Dr. Jones
(kun afabla permeso)

  1. Stand at the threshold, Parting of Time
    Wait for the Holy: vision, sublime
    Face this new moment, promise untold
    Look from the threshold, confident and bold!

  2. We are God's people, shall we move on?
    So stands the future, bright as the dawn!
    God never fails us, this is our day!
    Gather, all peoples, lift your sight and pray!

  3. Build on the past times, wait for the new!
    God is the Author, Let us be true.
    Christ is the model for transformed life
    Turning all people from their pain and strife.

  4. So let it be, God, your will on earth!
    And may it cause our promised new birth
    Teach with such power, so we can be
    Bold in your Spirit, ready to be free!

Composer : Dick WOODRUFF
MIDI SFBC 2002.09.29

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