TTT-Himnaro Cigneta (al la titolpagxo)

(en angla lingvo)

Two sails flashing bright on the royal-blue bay

Original : Zwei Segel erhellend die tiefblaue Bucht

Esperanto version : Du veloj ekhelas

Therefore a sail shall leave father and mother and shall cleave unto its mate, and they shall be one boat. : Genesis 2:24 (paraphrased)

Author (in German) : Conrad Ferdinand MEYER
Esperanto translation : Guido HOLZ
English translation : Leland Bryant ROSS, 2003

Source : RH

  1. Two sails flashing bright on the royal-blue bay!
    Two sails fill out tight and sail calmly away!

  2. When one in the breezes moves hither and yon,
    The other with ease as its shadow responds.

  3. If one wants to hasten, the other goes fast,
    If one asks for quiet, its companion has rest.

Composed by Albrecht KRONENBERGER, 1996

Note : I translated this into English, basing my work on both Guido Holz's Esperanto version and the German original, in April 2003, in hopes of using it at my wedding in August.
If you know of other singable versions (especially in Japanese or Russian) or other tunes to which it is sung, please send them to me!

TTT-Himnaro Cigneta
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