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We have a precious treasure
We Have This Treasure

Author : Stephen D. JONES

Source : © SFBC 2002.09.29
with the kind permission of Dr. Jones
(kun afabla permeso)

  1. We have a precious treasure, God calls us to receive,
    A special call entrusted to those who can perceive.
    The call may come through others, or in a time alone;
    It comes, without our knowing, as we are claimed God's own.

  2. There can be no escaping, we are each called of God;
    Yet working with God's people, as servants some have trod;
    A vessel for the Treasure—An earthen pot to hold,
    A love for all God's people—They serve in ways untold.

  3. It cannot be these vessels, but God's Transcendent Pow'r,
    That causes true repentance, that saves us for this hour.
    They seek no human following, nor preach of their own might,
    Interpreting, enabling, they speak by God's insight.

  4. No one but wounded healers, can carry Jesus' death;
    Hard-pressed, but always grateful, for gifts of life and breath.
    By open declaration, these servants still proclaim,
    "God's peace and justice reigneth, Thy will shall be our aim."

Composer : Henry Thomas SMART, 1836

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