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A Michigan Based Support Group For
Families of Individuals
Convicted of -or- Charged With A Sex Offense.

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Important Notice to ALL Michigan registered offenders
General Registration Information:
Forms you complete and sign: Law enforcement agencies are required to give you a copy of anything you sign. Whenever you register at any law enforcement agency (initial registration, quarterly address verification, address change, college status change, etc) make sure that you are ALWAYS given a copy (front and back, if applicable) of EVERY form you are required to sign. MCL 28.726

Retain copies of forms: Start a file and keep these copies and any letters you receive from the Michigan State Police in a safe place. These copies are your ONLY proof that you have done what is expected of you and may save you from going to jail or prison one day.

Registrant responsibilities: Refer to the "DD-4A Explanation of Duties to Register as a Sex Offender" form if you have any questions about what your responsibilities are. Every registrant should have initialed, signed and received a copy of this document.

Alternate Registration Petitions:
We are NOT attorneys. You should contact a qualified attorney to determine eligibility!

HYTA:If you were sentenced under HYTA (Holmes Youthful Trainee Act), prior to October 1, 2004, for a registerable offense and have successfully completed your sentence, you may be eligible to petition the court to have your registration time period reduced to 10 years. For more information click on the "HYTA" link.

Juveniles: Some individuals adjudicated as juveniles for certain registerable offenses can petition the court to be released from their registration responsibilities. For more information click on the "Juvenile" link.

Juvenile adjudications 3rd and 4th degree:
IF you were adjudicated as a juvenile of 3rd or 4th degree CSC and you are on Michigan's public Internet registry, you have been placed on there in error! You are still required to register quarterly, but you SHOULD be on a non-public registry (which is for police purposes ONLY). Please contact us right away if this has happened to you!

In Memory of Justin M. Fawcett
October 4, 1983 - March 19, 2004

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