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This page is created just for fun. Since it's created, we might as well put something in. Here,  we'd like to recollect our memories, share a bit of our lives which consist of our family, friends etc.

Pls note that 1st person's voice (i.e. I, me, my...) would be Soann's unless my hubby wants a word in here too. (Actually, this is meant to be a surprise for him while he's on course to New Zealand. What to do, no hubby around, bored wife mah. I'm not very IT saavy so pls pardon the lack of frills in this homepage. If you're irritated by the ads that pop up, just close them in case they cover any parts of our contents. Yeah, yeah, I know I'm very long-winded.)
The Story of our Lives
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Please click any of the following to trace what's our lives are all about. A couple of them may have looooong stories... Anyway, some of you may just be kaypoh (I mean interested) enough to read on. Include photos too! (Pls don't use any of my photos without permission. Don't wish to find my face in some XXX-rated sites. Appreciate it lots!) Please sign my guestbook. Would greatly welcome any comments and greetings!
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[A note for Clement]
Dar, this homepage is specially created for you. I hope this will capture our fond memories of our time together. Something for us to look back and give thanks to God for.  Thank you for giving out your life to me and writing out the pages of my life with me. I'm so blessed to be able to spend the rest of my life to you. I love you. - Ann, 5 January 2002
Wanna go out with me? - our dating days
And Baby Makes Three...
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