Yellow Submarine
Story Behind the Album
    This album came out in 1999, and is hopefully a sign of Beatles music to come.  I say this because the advantage of this album is the remastered sound quality.  It is simply phenomenal.  All of the tracks on the album are heard Beatles songs, there is nothing new, but if only every Beatles song was remastered like this one is.  What I wouldn't give to hear "A Day in the Life", "Strawberry Fields Forever", "Yesterday" or "Tomorrow Never Knows" with this type of sound.  The vocals and music are more separate, and sound much, much more clear.  I think "Nowhere Man" illustrates this principle best.  On the "Rubber Soul" album, "Nowhere Man", does sound great, but on this album, the harmonizing is much more clear, as well as the guitars and other instruments as well.

Besides the remastered sound, this remastered album alos differs in the track listing.  Unlike on the original, there are 14 songs that are Lennon/McCartney or Harrison.  The first one wasn't thought of as a proper Beatles album so much because there was a large percentage of the album that wasn't the Beatles work at all, but were George Martin's scores for the movie.  This track selection is all of the songs in the movie that were used that were Beatles songs.  It provides more variety than the original, while maintaining the benefit of the original which was the new songs (the few that there were).
Track Listing
1. Yellow Submarine
2. Hey Bulldog
3. Eleanor Rigby
4. Love You To
5. All Together Now [Harrison]
6. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
7. Think For Yourself [Harrison]
8. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band
9. With A Little Help From My Friends
10. Baby You're a Rich Man
11. Only A Northern Song [Harrison]
12. All You Need Is Love
13. When I'm Sixty Four
14. Nowhere Man
15. It's All Too Much [Harrison]
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