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These are the ex-members of the former Cleveland Corvette Club.


Ron Landry is from Benton, TN. He owns a 1989 Black Corvette Coupe with a 6 speed transmission, FX-3 optional suspension package, black sport leather interior, and updated 1996 wheels and tires. You can contact Ron through email at rons98gt@yahoo.com.
Paul's 2001 ConvertiblePaul Fitzsimmons is from Chattanooga, TN. He owns a 2001 Convertible. Paul is the president of River City Corvette Club in Chattanooga, as well as being a member of the CCC. You can email Paul at BADVETT@aol.com.
Dr. Owen Taylor and his wife Patty are from Cleveland, TN. They own a 1970 blue Corvette convertible. Their email address is ot4juice@aol.com. The Owens' Corvette was featured in the March 12, 2002 issue of The Accelerator
Allen Blevins is from South Pittsburg, TN. He owns a blue 1979 Corvette. He can be reached at abadcorvet@aol.com.
Teresa's 1979 Vette with T-TopsTeresa Watson is from Sweetwater, TN. She owns a 1979 white Corvette coupe with T-Tops. You can email her at minipins6@aol.com.
Michael and Kathy Morrow are from Decatur, TN. They own a 2000 C-5 Millennium Yellow Corvette.
Michael Ryan is from Ooltewah, TN. He is also a member of the River City Corvette Club in Chattanooga. He owns a 2002 Pewter Metallic Corvette. For more about Michael, visit his website at Grumpy's Place or email him at acepilot@earthlink.net
Norman and Kimberly Neal are from Charleston, TN. They have a red 1979 Corvette. You can email them at Neal65@msn.com.
Phillip Smith is from Cleveland. He owns a red 1980 Corvette coupe.
Don Higgenbottom  is from Cleveland, TN. He owns a 1978 Silver Corvette coupe.
John and Colette Killebrew are from Charleston, TN. They own a 1977 Silver Coupe.
Jeff Nance is from Cleveland, TN. He owns a 1992 Bright Red Coupe. His email address is LT1Blstoff@aol.com.

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