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Alicia Motta conducts an extensive interview with Ed Jones of Tainted Emotions. Find out what's behind the attitude. Read

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Ed Jones, artist -  songwriter for Tainted Emotions

Tainted Emotions' second song climbing charts


Featured artist "Tainted Emotions"

Tainted Emotions is the brainchild of Ed Jones. Not only is Ed the voice, but he also performs a majority of the instruments and handles all of the songwriting and arranging responsibilities. Tainted Emotions explores love, hate, and everything in between with songs that really rock. The lyrics of the second release "Habitual Liar" reveal an inspired writer.
Listen to hi-fi original music "Habitual Liar" and others


Erick Jones, songwriter - producer for Groovematic Dreams

Groovematic Dreams releases first song on

  New artists Groovematic Dreams
Groovematic Dreams is the latest project by Erick Jones to showcase his songs. The first release, "I'm Getting Hot", delivers a solid performance which can best be described as a blend of techno-dance with a hint of latin flavor. There is much more to come from this artist as he is always working on something. In addition to Groovematic Dreams, Erick recently finished the score to a television program which aired in the New York metropolitan area in late October. Listen to original music "I'm Getting Hot" and others


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