So I accidentally deleted my old dreams page.  Silly/Stupid me.  Yeah.  So I'm making a new one from scratch.  Really because I COMPLETELY forgot what the old one looked like.  You might find the style familia/different.  Heck you might not even like it.  But you have to deal with it, because I can't recover the old page.  Sorry.  But enjoy this new stuff.

So the dream page is all about sharing my dreams for your comments, but it's also so I can keep a record of some of my most important dreams.  Well, at least my weirdest dreams.  This is where you find them.  You guys are, as always, welcome to share yours here.  I'm open to sharing my site with my friends.  Please feel free to e-mail me your dreams.  I'll get them up.  Promise.
Catholic Dream
Boat Dream
Symbolic Dream
October Dream