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    Site Updates


    Everything I have tried doesn't seem to be working. I have a few other ways that I think might uploaded them, but I'm still not sure that it'll work.
    Sorry all.

    I am back from Newfoundland. I am trying to upload the Full Episodes and Movie clips, but for some reason they aren't uploading. I will continue to work on this. Expect them up from 2-7 days.

    This is Cloakblades friend. He wont be able work on the site because he is in the land of Newfie's Newfoundland well gotta go buh bye.

    I put up the DBZ Power Levels and some Stories.

    P.S. Yay! Schools out!

    I finished the Summaries. It has the Saiyan Saga, the Cell Saga and the Buu Saga. And by the way, I fractured my foot.

  • Ok This is Cloakblade's friend again you gotta check out this website that he found. Actually I am surprised he hasnt put a link to it yet. Here it is I think it is cool you may not but i do.

  • I put the Poetry section up, but it only has a couple of poems.

  • You have to watch this. It's the best flash movie I have ever seen. Click here! And I did put the Message Board up, just scroll down.

  • I put up the Saiyan Saga Summary for DBZ, and put on some background music. Remember to post on the forum! It's not like the old one, it's a lot better than the message board.

  • I got the Quote Bank working, so take a look. I also got some character bios up. (Only some of the FFVIII ones), and while you're here, post on my forum! The message board isn't working, but the forum is much better.

  • This is a Friend of Cloakblade's. I am working on his site for him because his internet connection is screwed up. I think I figured it all out but I dont know. I will keep checking back to make sure it is all working. Later ppl.

  • Hi, sorry I haven't been able to work on the site, my internet connection is screwed up. I put up what I have now, but not all the sections work.

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