Farscape The Game
This is the official farscape game. Since it isn't free like the other games on my site I have provided a link to the free demo version. You can buy the complete game for around 15 dollars. Some fans didn't like this game, but I thought it was great and well worth your money. You get to play all the main cast and one level is even Moya. Most of the time you are fighting strange creatures instead of the PK and Scarrens but its still fun. Make sure to use the different camera angles and move the camera as you walk. The guides provided below can be very helpful at times. I prefer the basic guide since the advanced guide has too many useless details. The basic guide has a code for a better Crichton uniform, its his PK uniform instead of the default Nasa uniform.
DOWNLOAD the demo
(note-the file is over 50mb)
made by Simon & Schuster Interactive