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August 31, 2001
Lefteye & Melanie C To Duet Again?
From Spicenews

Lisa "Lefteye" Lopes of US R&B group 'TLC', wants to record another duet with Melanie C, after the success of their last collaboration - 'Never Be The Same Again'.

She says: "I would dearly love to hook-up with Mel C again. We've spoken about it and she's really keen on the idea too. The Spice Girls were massive in America, but it would be nice for Mel to have a hit of her own there. Maybe this will be the one."

August 31, 2001
Five's J Talks About The Split Up With Melanie
From Worldpop

Five's J has admitted in a magazine interview that he dumped former girlfriend Mel C because he didn't love her. J, real name Jason Brown, split up with Mel last year. He told Loaded magazine: 'I just took my stuff and walked out. I never even phoned or anything because my head was battered. I left and never got in touch with her.'

August 29, 2001
Bonn Pictures and Hamburg Review
From Webmaster

Here are some pics of Melanie's gig in Bonn, Germany, on August 26th, 2001 and a review of the gig in Hamburg, Germany, on August 25th, 2001:

  • Pictures
  • (Thanks RTL and wow_fandk)
  • Review
  • (Big thanks to Nina from Dotmusic Forum for the translation)

    August 22, 2001
    Download Raw Spice
    From Webmaster

    You can now download Raw Spice in full (good quality), divided into 8 parts, 1 part each week. Go to this link for more information.

    Thanks to Char for providing the webspace and Schnickers for encoding and uploading the files.

    August 21, 2001
    US TV Dates
    From Musicstation (RockOnTV)

  • 09/23/01, 12:00 am ET, BBCA (USA), Later With Jools Holland

  • 09/23/01, 05:00 am ET, BBCA (USA), Later With Jools Holland

  • 09/29/01, 05:00 am ET, BBCA (USA), Later With Jools Holland

  • August 8, 2001
    Istanbul Performance (Video)
    Thanks Spicenews and

    Click here to view video news footage of Melanie's recent performance at a festival in Istanbul, Turkey.

    August 6, 2001
    New Melanie C Interview
    From Love, Peace & Girlpower (Thanks *Spice* and

    The interview was in this months What Magazine

    Melanie Chisholm is truly a one of a kind Superstar.As a Spice Girl she has sold over 50 million albums worldwide, and has nine number one singles under her belt. As a Solo Artist Melanie C is still fast arising onto the Scene. The twenty-seven year old Liverpool native has two number one singles of her own. Melanie C hit number one in the UK with her duet with Left Eye Lisa Lopez on the R&B Track 'Never Be The Same Again', and another number one on the club hit 'I Turn To You', which also hit number one on the US Billboard Club Charts. Not to mention the Hex-Hector remix won a grammy award at the 2001 Grammy Awards this past Febuary. Melanie C is clearly on the road to Solo Super Stardom.

    Even though Melanie C is deep into her solo career she hasn't forgot about her Spice Girls Pals, not even Geri Halliwell. "The Spice Girls are still very dear to my heart, we shared so much together. Even though were all doing our Solo Projects we sill see each other an awful lot. Though I haven't seen Geri in ages, were both on seperate sides of the globe." Melanie C says she supports all of the Spice Girls Solo Careers 100%.

    "All of the girls are doing fantastic stuff, I was with Victoria in LA a couple weeks ago in the studio, her stuff is coming along brillantly. We all support eachother 100% in our Solo Careers, becuase we all agreed that we would each like to take time apart from the SpiceGirls as a group and do our work." Even though Melanie C is heavily envolved in her solo career she assures fans that she has not left the group, much to the dismay of the British Press. "No, I haven't left the Spice Girls. I will never leave the Spice Girls, we started something together, and we'll finsh it together. The Spice Girls are not over as a group, we still have plently to prove, just we'll do it in our own time."

    So what is next for Melanie C? Family life? "I'd love to have a family one day, but right now im concentrating on my music, and I still have to find that man." Melanie C's love life has been well documented in the British Press, being romanitcally linked to Robbie Williams, Spice Girls producer Jake Davies, and Jason 'J' Brown from British Boy Band '5ive'. Though Melanie C claims she still hasn't found 'The One' yet, but she is looking. "No, I'm still single. I get into relationships, and they are so hard to keep, especially with people in the industry because the schedules are so tight, its really hard to see eachother."

    Melanie C is the ultimate package, she's fit, beautiful, talented, and has a outgoing personality that is shown with her fans.

    August 4, 2001
    Greatest Hits Album In May 2002 ?
    Thanks Sam Bennett

    !!! Rumour !!!

    Reports from a July 30 article from People Magazine has it that the Spice Girls master producer, Bernie Grundman, has said that the Spice Girls are to jam the recording studios this November.

    The producer, who produced all three of the Spice Girls albums said that they are to re-record all their singles including "Wannabe", "Spice Up Your Life" and "Viva Forever". The long- time Spice producer claimed that the recording will only take a few days, so it won't interfere with their solo work.

    Grudman claimed that the girls have decided to re-record their singles because they plan to create a Greatest Hits album, which is expected by May of 2002. Though some may think that Scary, Posh, Sporty and Baby are through with the once Super-Pop Group, the Spice Girls, they will be proven wrong with this new album simply because all of the vocals that made ex-Spice Girl, Geri Halliwell (a.k.a Ginger Spice) so famous will be replaced by one of the other girls' killer voices.

    Also, according to Victoria Beckham (a.k.a Posh Spice), the girls tend to record a fourth album, sometime after Valentine's Day of 2002 and tour the following summer.

    August 3, 2001
    Wannabe Best Pop Video Of The 90's

    Wannabe has won the MTV viewer's choice award for "Best Pop Video Of The 90's" which was voted for MTV's 20th anniversary.

    August 3, 2001
    Letters Section Updated
    From Northern Star

    Melanie has udated the letters section on her official site. --> Link

    July 28, 2001
    Melanie In Rome
    From Spice Girls Aisa

    !!! Rumour !!!

    Rumours are out that Sporty Spice Melanie C is currently on vacation in Fiuggi, Rome. The star of Liverpool has arrived in great secret, but the news of her presence had been enough for one short visit to the Palace of the Source in order to find the confirmation of the indiscretion.

    Melanie was seen in the park with one of her four friends with which she has caught up the famous station thermal for short a period of rest. The fact is that there is also the Liverpool Team and its coach Gianluca Vialli and they are in the same Hotel. Therefore she lodges in same the Grand Hotel, where it gives the Liverpool Team some days to find the Spice Girl.

    Melanie occupies a suite in the Lussuoso Palace and according to sources, she is respecting rigid a program in order to reconquer the just physical shape: in morning it makes footing, then swimming pool and arena. To Fiuggi the presence of Melanie begins to draw the attention of the many fans of the band.

    This report was translated from an Italian Article. We tried our best to maintain the accuracy and the content of the original report.

    July 28, 2001
    Melanie C Ringtones
    From MTV UK

    You'll never want to answer your phone once you've downloaded a Mel C MTV ringtone. --> Link

    July 28, 2001
    Liverpool Performance
    From Liverpool Echo and SpiceNews

    Click here to see a picture and report of Melanie's performance at Summer Pops in Liverpool.

    Thanks Dawn for scanning this from the Liverpool Echo.

    July 28, 2001
    Melanie Worried About Geri
    From Music 365

    The words "pot", "kettle" and "black" may be hovering in the air, but Mel C has warned Geri Halliwell about the dangers of fluctuating weight.

    C has told Galaxy Radio that she is familiar with eating disorders and is concerned about her former band-mate. She says:

    "I have had problems with obsessive training and eating behaviour. It's very worrying, but I think she looks phenomenal, I just hope that she's healthy."

    Meanwhile, Mel has told The Mirror that she still feels very close to Geri, although they do not see one another very often. She said: "I still love her to bits," she said. "We all do. We all care a great deal and just hope she's OK."

    July 28, 2001
    Spice Girls Documentary Set For Channel 4
    From NME.COM

    SPICE GIRLS solo careers' are to be the subject of a major documentary by CHANNEL 4.

    According to The Guardian, the 60-minute documentary will trace the fortunes of the four remaining Spice Girls as well as the fifth member, Geri Halliwell, who left the group in 1998, and will include interviews and archive material.

    Due to be screened next month, it will be made by Straight TV, the company who produced the 'Spice Girls On Film' documentary that was broadcast on C4 last Christmas.

    July 28, 2001
    New Tour Dates
    From Northern Star

    Melanie has updatet the tour dates on her official site:

    August 2001:

    18 Rock Avenches Festival, Switzerland (headlining)  New !!
    25 Hamburg, Germany - Concert (BBMak supporting)
    26 Bonn, Germany - Concert (BBMak supporting)

    July 28, 2001
    Melanie Is Not Using Madonnas Trainer
    From MelCNews

    Mel C is denying reports she uses the same fitness trainer as Madonna.

    Sporty Spice was criticised by the British press after swapping her super-trim figure for a curvier look last year.

    But Mel told Radio 1 she doesn't share the same instructor as the Queen of Pop: " I am working with a trainer at the moment, but I don't think he's worked with Madonna."

    "I think I'm just trying to find a happy medium like everyone, I'm trying to have a healthy attitude towards both fitness and diet," she said.

    July 07, 2001
    Madonna A Capella Clips
    From Spicenews (Thanks Gio)

    For the Madonna-Doku, Melanie did 2 short a capella clips of Madonna-Songs:

  • Don't Tell Me

  • Like A Prayer

  • July 05, 2001
    Melanie At The Tomb Raider Premier
    From Melanie C Space

    Melanie was at the Tomb Raider premier. Here are some pictures:

    July 03, 2001
    Spice Girls Nominated For MTV 20 Anniversary Award

    The Spice Girls have been nominated for a MTV 20 Anniversary award. Vote here!

    July 02, 2001
    Melanie is going to Madonna's personal trainer
    From Melanie C Zone

    !!! Rumor !!!

    Melanie is going to Madonna's personal trainer in a bid to lose some pounds. She has been visiting swanky Matt Robertson Personal Trainers in central London three days a week after Madonna personally recommended them.

    July 02, 2001
    Istanbul Concert
    From MelCNews and Biletix

    According to Biletix Melanie C will be having a concert in Istanbul on July 22nd at Rumeli Hisari. The Spice Girls first hit it big by playing similar venues in 96-97 and then released the "Live in Istanbul" video.

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