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Why the Closet Atheist?

diamondca.gif (1277 bytes) Visit the new Closet Atheist message board.  Post your thoughts, hear other's opinions, and have some stimulating dialog.

diamondca.gif (1277 bytes) Dear Closet Atheist.  Read letters from readers like you!

diamondca.gif (1277 bytes) Debunking the religious monopoly on morality.   Still using the beta version of love?  Upgrade now!  Your gene pool may depend on it.

diamondca.gif (1277 bytes) Man is the center of all creation!  Why religion is purely an egotistical endeavor.

diamondca.gif (1277 bytes) You will be assimilated!  Why unsolicited attempts to convert people are the ultimate insult.

diamondca.gif (1277 bytes) God and Free Will: The original odd couple.  An analogy featuring God, Free Will and Christianity as co-workers in an office sheds new light on the subject.

diamondca.gif (1277 bytes) God loves you (unless you are gay).  An anti-homosexual web site takes Christian hypocrisy to shameful new heights.

diamondca.gif (1277 bytes) It's a small universe after all.  Why the fundamentalist claim that the Earth is only 6,000 years old means the universe is a lot cozier than scientists say it is.

diamondca.gif (1277 bytes) Evolution in the classroom.  Pat Buchanan wants to protect your children from being indoctrinated!

diamondca.gif (1277 bytes) Our schools are safe again! Thanks to the posting of the Ten Commandments.  Also included, an update on the Supreme Court's student-led prayer ruling.

diamondca.gif (1277 bytes) Evidence reveals God's preoccupation with foreskin!  Extensive references compiled by Donald Morgan list inconsistencies, atrocities, absurdities and obscenities in the Bible.  Links to a Bible reference are also provided.

Below are three essays by Richard Dawkins, a developmental biologist and author at Oxford.  For more information on Dawkins, please visit the link provided to the left.

diamondca.gif (1277 bytes) Religion's misguided missiles.  Richard Dawkins, evolution's most notable spokesman, gives his response to the World Trade Center terrorist attack.

diamondca.gif (1277 bytes) The Improbability of God.  Richard Dawkins discusses which is more improbable, God or evolution.

diamondca.gif (1277 bytes) Viruses of the Mind.  Richard Dawkins explains why religion is the ultimate virus.  After reading this you'll appreciate the irony that natural selection, as it applies to memes, is what makes Christianity successful.

diamondca.gif (1277 bytes) Closet Atheist Archive.  Essays that no longer appear on this main page.


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