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Rekishi no Tame
Thank you for taking time to look at this website of mine, which is actually my History Portfolio for my Mrs. Walton's World History Class at Moanalua High School.  I've fit as much as I could onto here so I hope this we'll sum up what I've done for the year into one convenient package.  

    About the title, 'Rekishi no tame' is Japanese.  It means 'for history'  So you can translate is as 'History ~ For History or um something like that.  I know it sounds horribly cheesy but it would have been worse if I just put 'History Portfolio on top now wouldn't it?

        There will be HW assignments along with Final Reflections on this site.  Please feel free to look around. 

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Graphic Presentations
of Ideals
AKA Homework...
For Fourth Quarter
  Yes they're a lot of images from many pages on the web if you see yours up here that you don't want on here please
e-mail me.
I'll gladly take them down for you
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