A Kettle of Fish

A Kettle of Fish

Dive In Here!

Dive In!, there I was, finding I had been signed up for a homepage, deciding to rise to the occasion. Its' been an adventure; I always assumed that in true Virgo fashion I would plan out everything to perfection and then spend as few intensive days of downloading. Then, a friend signed me up for three homepages and the next thing I knew I was at work. First I had some links and my manifesto loaded, and then poems, and before I knew it, quite a few pof my paintings, for which I owe particular thanks to Jim Bates for technical assisstance rendered.

Here is a fellow who is hard at work reconciling the fragments of teh Western Hermetic Tradition symbolicaaly (which is how all magick proceeds) Alos gathering a number of usefil links.

10/11/2000 My Friend Josh, an independant journalist in the Balkans and Eastern Europe, has a web site

5/25/2000 Some contemporary magicians with an ambitious and original project

1/18/2000: My Manifesto is back online

1/6/99: I have started a discussion group about the conjoined pursuit of Art and Magick.

2/6/99: I've added a gallery of some more paintings

Check back. I mean to keep this kettle stirrin'..

What can you expect coming here? I come here a lot myself to use these links. Increasingly, I am attempting to assemble a sort of workshop that might be useful to likeminded people; and I am adding artistic efforts that I feel are shaped by my interest in Magick.

Overall I have:
  • Information on Co-operative Housing,
  • some of my poetry,
  • some of my paintings throughout
  • a manifesto linking creative arts with Hermetic ceremonial magick
  • dramatic magick rituals
  • links to online scriptures of world religions,
  • alchemy texts,
  • do-it-yourself Astrology resources,
  • Demonolatry resources;
  • an occult search engine;
  • some classical texts on strategy,
  • links to organizations pertinent to these concerns,
  • information about Hexadecimal, the secret of homepage coloring.

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