'C I C' - Increase your Membership - So simple to do ! - Retains Members - Increase your Club by 10% - 35% or more at one time

' C.I.C ' (Club in a Club)

How to increase your Rotary Club membership easily by 10% - 35% or more, at one time! - unbelievable but true!

This membership program is so simple, people say "why didn't we think of this before?".

Background information:

Recalling the chartering of a Club, and hearing from other Clubs the benefits of bringing several new Rotarians in at one time, PP Cathy Roth of the Rotary Club of Geelong Central refined the idea of forming a 'Club within a Club'. Discussions were held with, and advice sought from, Past World President Royce Abbey, as to the feasibility of, and legality within, the Rotary membership extension guidelines of undertaking this exercise for Cathy's Club. His support was enthusiastic and he further added that he would be looking forward to hearing of the success of the project. Cathy's Club undertook this project and planned to increase the Club from the 40 members that it had been for the last 9 years, to 10 more sustainable members (all within one year - a  25% net increase). Cathy showed her brother, PP Des Lawson from the Rotary Club of Wynnum and Manly, who, sought the support of the then District Governor of District 9630, Max Cribb. In 2000-2001, Max, enthusiastically made this program a 'preferred' method of membership extension within that District (some clubs increased 100%!!!). The name has since been changed to 'CIC' and continues to be one of the tools that can be used to increase membership. This page contains the development of Cathy's original notes by Des and includes all the tools necessary for Clubs to use this program for their membership extension.

The basic concept of 'CIC' is in two parts:

First, make membership in a Club, the total responsibility of the entire Club (and not individuals)

Second, to induct members in groups (and not individuals).

What we have tried to do on this page is to make this program 'so easy' for Clubs to initiate, and that's why we have included letters, speeches etc. Please follow the procedure of 'CIC' so as to gain the best results. If in doubt, contact Cathy or Des at our email addresses and we will help any Club, any where in the World to get the best results.

Imagine if Rotary could double in size in a few short years! Imagine the great projects that Rotary could take on! It is possible! And it is all up to the individual Clubs.

Simply 'click' on the links to the following pages in a 'step by step' process for success! Most pages are in 'Adobe' format - available free from on the RI home page!
The steps to follow sheet
Easy 'step-by-step' - 'tick the box' page. This is the best way for a club to follow the plan.
Speech to Club
This page has a typical speech that would be given to a Club to start the program.
Names sheet
This page (PFD format) can be copied 'as is' and given to every member (average members will find 5+ names).
Letter to prospective member
This letter should not be altered in wording, but needs to be printed on Club 'letterhead'.
Program for 'Interest' meeting
This is a 'typical' format of what is the interest meeting.
Basic process of program
Explains in one sheet, the overall procedure of the 'club in a club'
Benefits to the Club
This page outlines the many, many benefits of this program.
Feed back letter
This letter is included to help 'develop' and 'refine' this program for the good of future Clubs undertaking it.
Questions and Answers Most common questions asked when presenting this program to Clubs

For help, simply email PP Cathy Roth or PP Des Lawson




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