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Message board numbers represent milestones of club activity. As we approach a post thousand, we announce that the contest is "on" and the prize to be awarded for the person posting the message closest to that number (CFC founders and SPAM messages are excluded). The prize usually includes club featuring.

Post #1000 Winner
MB: 1001 -- Mistybunny -- 2/1/00 9:04 am

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[Note: CFC Founder's are not eligible. Post #1000 was made by AngelPie_Mouse.
Mistybunny, at the time of the contest, was not a founder of CFC.]


Post #2000 Winner
MB: 2000 -- yheart1 -- 7/21/00 4:02 pm

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Post #3000 Winner
MB: 3007 -- alska_du -- 12/5/00 11:39 am

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[Note: CFC Founder's are not eligible. Post #3000 and several subsequent posts
were made by AngelPie_Mouse and Mistybunny reporting on club business.]

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