The U.S. and Canada are among the few countries in the world where we set aside one day of the year to celebrate Dad. Some wags speculate that Father's Day comes the month after Mother's Day as a sort of payback time for the lousy gifts Mom might have gotten at Dad's insistence--vacuum cleaners, electric irons, cooking pots. Actually, it is observed on the third Sunday in June more likely because of the campaign to get it on the calendar originates with a Spokane, Washington woman whose own father's birthday was near that date.

Among the things traditional about Fathers' Day is the giving of a gift to Dad. Typically, this gift might be a necktie, shirt, socks, hankerchiefs, after shave, sports equipment, bar-b-que accessories, or power tools. Typical greeting cards feature hunting, boating, or fishing images, that is cards featuring images of the things Dad does alone or with the guys. Also, a part of the tradition of the day--a somewhat nicer part--the wearing of roses as corsage or boutonniere. A red rose signifies that Dad is alive and well and expecting acknowledgement. A white rose signifies that Dad has passed away but is still remembered well.

In any event, Dad's are entitled to equal time for all they do and the sacrifices they make. Thus, we provide these graphics to help you decorate your community.

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