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HOU 102 IND 91
HOU 94 PHO 89
HOU 84 CHA 80
HOU 110 CHI 83
HOU 99 LAL 105
HOU 88 POR 111
HOU 85 VAN 78

HOU 84 LAL 74
PHO 104 HOU 99
HOU 74 LAC 77
HOU 115 MIL 93
MIN 106 HOU 98

Next Game: Wednesday, Nov. 22 at BOS 6:00 pm.

Fifth Midwest.
Ninth West.

Scoring: Steve Francis, 18.6 ppg.

Rebounding: Hakeem Olajuwon, 6.2 rpg.

Assists: Steve Francis,
6.1 apg.

Steals: Steve Francis, 1.86 spg.

Blocks: Hakeem Olajuwon, 1.29 bpg.

Turnovers: Steve Francis,
3.2 TO.

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Additions give Rockets reasons to believe

Shandon Anderson

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December 30
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Remember the poll asking about what you want to be available at this site? Perhaps you took it as a simple question geared towards adding a new feature or two to the site. But no, we have something bigger in mind. We're getting all that and more. The site will be going through some major changes in the upcoming weeks, but in the meantime you will have to bear with us and accept missing news articles, recaps, etc.

SamCassel, RM95, Azim, The Cat, and Ace are all working to make this the best (well, we might settle for second Clutch) site for Rockets information around.

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Francis Missed Against Spurs
December 19
By: RM95

Rockets 79 Spurs 86

The Rockets lost their 9th straight game against the Spurs, even though Houston showed some character by staying in it despite Steve Francis' absence.

Hakeem Olajuwon was a monster early on, and made many Rocket fans feel as if it were 1995.

Rockets overcome Grizzlies, survive ugly game
December 11
By: SamCassell

Rockets 82 Grizzlies 75

The Rockets began the game unable to buy a basket, falling 0-9 early against the Vancouver Grizzlies. However, the inspiring play coming from Matt Bullard (!) and Cuttino Mobley proved to be too much for the struggling team.

SamCassell makes his first contribution to the site through a recap of the game in Canada.

Poll fixed
December 14

Our poll was experiencing several problems, which is why it has been impossible to vote for the past few days.
For those of you that need to have your voice heard, please be sure to vote!

Maurice Taylor grabs 7 boards- Rockets lose
November 22
By: Ace

Rockets 81 Celtics 95

Unbelievable. One night after delivering an impressive victory over the Indiana Pacers, the Rockets came up flat against the struggling Boston Celtics. Houston played their worst game of the season, and shot a paltry 32% from the field.

Rockets Grab Bulls by the Horns
November 15
By: RM95

Rockets 110 Bulls 83

Steve Francis showed why he should have been the lone Rookie of the Year last season. He led the Rockets over Elton Brand and the Bulls with 28 points and 8 assists.
The game was never in doubt, as the Rockets jumped to a quick 13-0 lead and never looked back.

Rockets fall in Hill-less Detroit
October 24

Thomas and Montross
Kenny Thomas tries to get past Eric Montross during tonight's game at Auburn Hills
The fact that Grant Hill split town didn't make a difference tonight. Heck, the Pistons didn't even need Jerry Stackhouse. Through a respectable collective effort in which five Pistons scored in double figures, the Rockets weren't able to end their preseason on a positive note and lost 107-103. Their record for the preseason was a respectable 4-3.
Our usual strength was our weakness tonight. Cuttino Mobley shot 4-14 while Steve Francis only managed 8 points.
Bullard tried to make up for their lackluster play by shooting 9-12 and registering 22 points.
Jason Collier silenced critics for at least one night by chipping in with 11 points and 7 rebounds in 21 minutes.
Hakeem Olajuwon was missing through injury as was Maurice Taylor. Shandon Anderson is still out due to his mother's illness, which claimed her life last night.
Box Score Recap

Honoring The Dream
October 26 has come out with an excellent tribute to Hakeem Olajuwon's career. As part of the "You Asked for It" feature, John P. Lopez gives fans a clear perspective on what most Houstonians think about our center.

The fans have spoken
October 25

After asking the fans who they think is the biggest question mark coming into the 2000-2001, most people tend to have a common position in mind. This opinion seems very logical, as both Kelvin Cato and Hakeem Olajuwon need certain conditions to perform well. Dream needs to stay healthy, while Cato needs to realize his amazing potential.
Cato and Dream had 39% and 43% of the votes, respectively. Steve Francis ended up with 13%, while Maurice Taylor had 4%. It seems that most fans know what to expect from Williams, Thomas, Mobley, and Anderson. All received no votes.
We have now installed a brand new poll about our rookie, Jason Collier. Take a moment to let your opinion be known.

Player File: Shandon Anderson
October 23

One of the Rockets' crucial acquisitions in recent years, Shandon Anderson does the little things that don't show up on the stats sheet. He plays smothering defense, is a great team player, and doesn't have the ego that would cause many players to detest his role on a basketball team.

Azim has made it a personal crusade to teach fans what Anderson truly means to this club; he is indispensable.

Say a Prayer for Saandon
October 24

While this hasn't been confirmed, several reliable posters from the Clutch BBS have said that Shandon Anderson's mother passed away last night. If you have been wondering why he hasn't suited up for the past few exhibition games, Anderson was back home to visit his ailing parent.
This situation is specially sad, seeing that Anderson had to go through his father's death just three years ago (during the 1997 NBA Playoffs).

Player File: Cuttino Mobley

Cuttino Mobley's importance in this young squad cannot be underestimated, even though he starts off most games on the bench. Not only does he spark our bench production (first in scoring among non-starting NBA players last season), he is also an integral part in the formula for a team with improving chemistry and confidence. Together with Steve Francis, they form one of the deadliest duos in the NBA.
The Cat takes a look at Cuttino's career with the Rockets, and how he thinks the season will
treat our $31 million man.

Drew gets his wish, traded to Chicago

September 28

Read Full ReportThe Rockets have finally pulled the trigger on a deal that was set to happen as far as a few weeks ago. Bryce Drew, our third string point guard, finally got his wish by getting traded to a team close to home and where he is almost guaranteed a starting position. The Rockets will supposedly receive either a restricted first round pick or two second rounders.

Bryce averaged 5.1 points and 2 assists during his two seasons with the Rockets. As a starter (in a span of five games last year), he averaged 17.2 points and 6.6 assists. Those numbers are pretty impressive and prove that he is starter material.

Mo a Rocket: What should we make of it?
August 30

Mo ReportIt's finally over. Mo Taylor has finally signed for the $2.5 million exception and was officially announced a Rocket in an official team conference held on August the 25th.

What should Rocket fans think about the recent acquisition? How has Taylor fared throughout his career? What should we expect? We here at the Space Center have compiled an exclusive report, containing full details on the signing. Includes articles by Ace, The Cat, and Azim da Dream.

Inside Look
September 18

Hoops TV had an old college teammate meet up with Steve Francis in order to give the fans an inside look into his life. The group goes over to the Westside training facility, where Francis schools several other known players, with a little help from Cuttino Mobley.

Mario Signs with Suns

September 15

Former Rocket Mario Elie has found a team in the Phoenix Suns. The long time killer of the Arizona team signed for an undisclosed amount. It's going to be a strange situation for us Rockets fans, as during our title runs they were seen as our archenemies.

New Message Board
August 31

We have recently added a brand new message board to the site. It is an excellent board with new features, and it similar to the elite boards that are seen all over the web. Click here to take part in the discussions.

New Addition
Au gust 26

The Space Center is proud to announce that one of the great posters from the Clutch BBS, The Cat, has joined us right here to provide you with some original commentary on the Rockets.
Be on the look out for The Cat's upcoming columns, which promise to be the most interesting on the page if we go by his comments down at the Clutch BBS.

New Rockets Banner Exchange!

August 8

Have you been working hard on your Rockets web page but without the deserved recognition?
The new Space Center Banner exchange, the first launched by a Rockets fan page, is a great way to promote your web site on Rockets fan pages all over the net.

What do you have to do to take advantage of these new developments?

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I am sorry that I have to mention this, but other sites have been taking advantage of such things, and I do not appreciate it. My ideas are just that; mine

The fans have spoken!
August 6

According to a recent poll conducted right here at the Space Center, the majority of Houston Rockets fans believe that we'll be able to shake our status of a lottery team by making the playoffs next season. Over 57% voted for an option, which dictated that we would be among the best eight in the Western Conference. 29% feel we will become the 7th seed, 14% think we'll squeeze into the playoffs as the eight seed, while another 14% voted the Rockets as the future Western Conference Champs!
Naturally, we also had our pessimistic (or are they realistic) fans who feel we still don't have the tools to make a playoff run.
11% voted that as long as Hakeem is a Rocket, we won't be going anywhere due to his taking up so much cap space with his $16 per season.
Come on, guys, he deserves it!
A large percentage of 22% feel we still need to add some bulk to our front lines. This is also my sentiment if we are to make it past the first round, but I still voted for the 7th seed for this particular question. We are a playoff team, albeit not a very good one. Think about it. We were 9th last season even though we had to make a quick transition from the old to the new. Surely, with the seasoning our young guns have experienced this past summer in combination with the massive work outs they seem to have gone through (please let this be true, Kelvin Cato) we will make it.
A very small minority still believes we will not improve. 7% feel we are still a lottery team, and call for time as so to give the players time to gel, gain experience, and maybe a player or two in the draft.

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