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Who are Steve and Caren Matlock?
Learn about our past history at About the Matlock's!
And, then the current history at the BLOG
Not sure if we're really THE same Steve and Caren you're thinking of?? See us in our outdated Photo Album!
(yes, old pics, but we haven't changed much)

Many years ago, Gene Alley did a really good sermon called "Sin is in".
I've kept it here on our site to keep the topic alive. Dig in! :-)

Looking for a place to worship God,
in truth and spirit?

If you're in Eureka, CA
Eureka Church of Christ
located at 1610 I Street, Eureka, CA 95501.
Sunday Bible Study: 10:00am
Sunday Worship: 11:00am
Wednesday Bible Study: 7:00pm

If you're in San Diego
Bostonia Church of Christ.

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since June 4, 1996, 9:40pm (PST)


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