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§You are the Co-Creator to come here§

~Welcome to the Co-Creators® Homepage~

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Welcome Co-Creators!

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The Link to "The Co-Creators Bible" is located towards the bottom of this page and is labeled as "The Co-Creators Bible".

Thank you...


The Path

To walk the path between Dark and Light


   Thank you for stopping by. I would
like to make it clear that all writings
on this home page are copyrighted by me.
No one is allowed to duplicate the content
of these pages without my permission.
I am only putting a few things in here
from my book "The Co-Creator's Bible",
but if I get a good response I will put more.
   Within these pages are truths that
are real to me and may not be for you.
Please keep this in mind when you are
reading these pages.
   For what is truth? 
Is yours the same as mine? 
For what is truth but an others lie.
   If you do not like what you read 
then STOP READING it. 
Thank you.
   I would like to make it clear right
now that we (That means you too) are
all Co-Creators. That we do not feel
that we are a special group or better
than everyone else. We are here to tell
the truth as we see it an enlighten those
who seek the truth. Now please read what
you wish and learn what you can, maybe 
you'll find some truths of your own.


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"The Co-Creators Bible"© 1989

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