Coalition for Open Adoption Records
462 Ossington Avenue,
Toronto, Ontario, M6G 3T2

Dear friends and supporters of open adoption records:

C.O.A.R, the Coalition for Open Adoption Records, is comprised of members of the adoption community who believe that adoption records in Ontario must be opened now. For too long, we have seen the negative consequences of a system that treats members of the adoption constellation in a paternalistic and disrespectful manner. It is time to stand up and let our voices and the voices of all who support us be heard. To this end, we are planning a province wide campaign of petitions, letters to MPPs and a media blitz. As an inclusive group, we seek your input and endorsement of the campaign to open adoption records now.

Please let us hear from you soon.

Some time in the near future we anticipate that a private memberís bill will be brought forward in the Legislature of Ontario seeking to open adoption records to adult adopted persons and their birth families. This bill will not face an easy passage as there are members of the Legislature who hold strong beliefs about the need to keep the records closed. It is important that we demonstrate that this position is not held by the majority of citizens of this province. Thus, as the first step in the campaign, we ask your assistance in helping to distribute a petition calling for the opening of adoption records.

If this petition is to be received by the speaker of the Legislature, a number of rules must be followed:

Printed name, address and signature must appear below the text of the petition. A petition will be rejected by the Speaker of the Legislature if the identifying information of the person signing the petition is on a separate page or on the back of the text copy.

If you run out of copies either make more yourself or contact us and we will send you duplicates.

Please send the original copies to us at the above address. We will collate them and pass them on to the member of the Legislature who will be presenting the bill for opening records.

Anticipating that the bill will be coming forward in the spring or early fall, it is important that the original copies of the petition be returned to us as soon as possible.

If you wish, make copies of the signed petitions and send them to your local MPP requesting that support be given to legislation to open adoption records.

Please forward to us the names and addresses of all persons who are distributing the petition. We will contact these individuals at a later time to participate in a letter writing campaign to MPPs seeking support for open adoption legislation.

Thank you for your participation.

Working together for open adoption records now!!

Michael Grand Wendy Rowney Karen Lynn

C.O.A.R. Coordinating Committee

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