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The Church of God, Sabbath Day is an independent congregation located in Clinton, North Carolina. Our supreme and motivating aim is to make the Lord Jesus Christ  known to all men as the Divine Savior,  persuade them to become disciples, and to teach our fellow man the Truth of God.  We freely associate with other Churches of God in the United States,  Canada and other countries.
Church of God, Sabbath Day

Mailing  Address

P.O. Box  1308
Clinton, N.C.  28329

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Telephone: (910)   592-2009
Fax: (910) 592-0103

Worship Service Location

786 Pugh Road - Clinton,   N.C.
American Legion Post 22
(at intersection of Hwy 403N)
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Worship services are held  every Saturday at 1pm. (Why Saturday? 
here).  Read our calendar of   events for   information concerning the time and location of the Holy Day services for the year 2005.  Everyone is invited. Please bring a friend or  family member with you to Sabbath services.   A potluck meal will be prepared the last Sabbath of  the month. We would love to fellowship with you. Hope to see you soon.
Church of God, Sabbath Day
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