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We are back.  Skipped a bit of time there but check out the latest ROCKING HORSE RANCH pictures to see how big the kids have become.

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And latest snapshots on 50 and 51!
Page 21: Playhouse and Water Table
Colby & Alex like rock-climbing!
Page 22: Vacation Pictures
Page 23: Colby at Age 1
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Page 24: Fall Fun
Page 25: Halloween
Page 0: Colby's original welcome page
Page 26: Tower Hill
Page 1: Some family shots with a brand new Colby
Page 27: And So Begins Winter
Page 2: Just Colby during week 1
Page 28: Christmas Cruise
Page 3: Colby getting bigger (first couple of months)
Page 29: Christmas Celebrations  2003
Page 4: Halloween Pics
Page 30: So Begins 2003
Page 5: Colby's Christening
Page 31: Connecticut Science Museum
Page 6: Alex's View of the Fall
Page 32: Winter Fun
Page 7: The Holiday Season
Page 33: Rest of Winter
Page 8: Flower Girl
Page 34: Spring?
Page 9: Disney World
Page 35: Visit from Grandparents
Page 10: Disney Wonder Cruise
Page 36: Spring at Last
Page 11: Colby's Six Month Pictures
Page 37: Truck Driver
Page 12: Shots from "School"
Page 38: May Day
Page 13: Washington DC
Page 39: Events in June
Page 14: Assorted Spring Shots
Page 40: Baltimore/Washington Trip
Page 15: Canobie Lake Park
Page 41: 4th of July in Vermont
Page 16: Petting Zoo
Page 42: July Snapshots
Page 43: Vacationing in St. Johns
Page 17: July Pictures
Page 44: August Activities
Page 18: Hershey Park
Page 45: SCHOOL
Page 19: Colby's Formal Pictures
Page 46: Halloween
Page 20: Birthday Party Pictures
Page 47: Wizard of Oz
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Page 49!: Rocking Horse Ranch
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