Welcome to the WolfJuggler Page. What you may ask is WolfJuggling?

A dangerous and exciting sport?

An Event that Requires one to question their own sanity?

Merely the Alias of someone who likes Wolves and Juggling?

For those that really want an answer to the above question

...WolfJuggler is an alias.

This site was originally was created as a lark using an alias I used while playing chess. As the site has developed, name changes have been considered, but due to the registration of this site with certain services, the WolfJuggler name remains. This site is devoted to Wolves, Juggling and Nursing, and not necessarily in that order. Nursing considerations currently take precedence. Much of the nursing material provided on this site is aimed primarily at students and not necessarily practioners. The Wolf images come from other sites, which offer free use of these images. Juggling content on this site will be brief and focused mainly upon other links for those seeking more detailed information. It is a hobby not an obsession.
(No...I am not in denial....).


Nursing Links A variety of links focusing on nursing, including; sites addressing nursing ethics, nursing organizations and student nursing organizations. Most of the links center on sites of value to students. However, some of the links may also be of interest to practitioners.

Links of Interest. Numerous links concerning mental health, juggling and wolves.

Distance Learning A listing of accrediated colleges and universities providing distance education in nursing.

Rehabilitation Links A new section containing links to information on rehabilitation and select rehabilitation centers.

Links to Nursing Continuing Education Sites

Information on Street Drugs Used in the Chicago Area Note: This is a large file and may take sometime to load

A Brief Listing of Domestic Violence Shelters in Chicago

Who Am I Really?

Please Note: No grandmothers were eaten during the making of this site...

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