"As long as my passion for my profession keeps alive, my dream will survive. The day when this passion starts weakening, my dream will end. The Formula One is a world of strong emotions and egos where the weak don't survive."

"We're all on the limit, the car is on the limit, the human being is on the limit,... That's what it's all about motor racing, that's what it's all about Formula 1. "

"Things bring you to reality as to how fragile you are; at the same moment you are doing something that nobody else is able to do. The same moment you are seen as the best, the fastest and somebody that connot be touched, you are enormously fragile. Because in a split second it's gone."

"Correr, competir, eu levo isso no sangue, é parte de minha vida" .......... (Ayrton Senna)

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