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What is Forward Loop?

Welcome to the the jumping point which initiates Forward Loop, the collection of web pages chronicaling the sport of windsurfing. Launched in April of 1996, Forward Loop links together existing windsurfing pages from around the web via links to a centralised CGI script which allows easy navigation from one Forward Loop site to the next. It's main purpose is to allow web (wind)surfers to easily sail to web pages with windsurfing content without having to do any big searchs for quality windsurfing pages.
Using the loop is quite simple. Simply click on the "Next Site" graphic (found somewhere on every Forward Loop site) and soon you will soon find yourself shredding around the loop like a pro. It's a lot like windsurfing itself really because you can jump (over a site using the "Skip it" link), take a look at what's coming up ahead of you (the "Next 5" link), or get totally maxed out and blown to a completely random site. And again in much the same manner as windsurfing if you keep at it long enough you will eventually end up back where you started, which is always a good thing right?.
So if there's no wind, you've trashed your gear, or you just want to find out more about windsurfing then grab you favourite browser, hook in and start (wind)surfing the web here.
Or else if you want to become part of the loop, bash the lip here to join (or click on the How to Join link at the top of the page).

Forward Loop is based on the Webring so for more info on how this all works check out


Stay Happy!

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