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Hard Knock


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Are you ready to lay the smack down on the SCUFFLE's candy-ass!?!


Oneonta, N.Y.- "Thank The Lord!!!"was the cry that echoed through the hills of the fair city of Oneonta when it was revealed that changes were made in the SCUFFLE. A crowd of thousands gathered together to release a collective sigh of relief. Sources close to the massed say that it was all due to the recent pick up of Elgin Liburd, a man who needs no title but is commonly refered to as The Power and the Glory. The countless masses wept at the news, which means an entirely new experience awaits them in the comming season. One owner commented, "Does this mean everything will be purple and yellow?" thankfully that answer is no. Other owners were quoted as saying, "Well at least I can get second place in the division." one other boss remarked, "at least I know my division is not involved in any way in the ass porn market!" We all know the same cannot be said of the other two divisions in the SCUFFLE. We in the Hard Knock Division only hope that their alternative lifestyles do not interfere in the running of the league.

1999 The Figures Clearly Show
That I'm The Power And The Glory inc.

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