I just moved in, so give me some time and I'll have things set up. Adam, I'll have all the stuff you want in about a week or so, so let me know if someone doesn't join.

This page will feature links to the home of the High Hard Ones, one of the most dominant fantasy football teams this century. It will also feature links to the newly created and soon legendary Hard Knock Division as well as the SCUFFLE.

There will also be plenty here for those of you who have no interest of, or care to know a thing about, fantasy football. There will be links to ICQ, (a net watcher/pager), and PoWWoW, which allows you to play many on-line games with an auto dice roller and other interesting options, such as enabling up to 9 people to chat and surf at once.

There will be links to everything and anything you could possibly want to know about Ireland and Scotland, including where to buy everything from memorabilia and clothing to bagpipes and even purchasing land. I will also have links to newspapers if anyone is interested in keeping up on the troubles over in Ireland. I hope to have a listing of events (such as the Highland games or Renoissaince Festivals) for different locations around the country, but that may take a little help from all of you.

I guess I could also include a little about myself, my profession (the Army), and some links to some friends who have some interesting, well done pages. For starters, I would recommend going to The Shiny Page; put together by a good friend of mine, Elgin Liburd.

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