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Local Chess Links

  1. The Singapore Chess Federation webpage. They have updated news on upcoming events and results of most local events.
    Please note that the opening times of Bukit Batok Chess Club mentioned there is in error. Correct is: 11.30am-2.30pm. No membership is required. ALL are welcome.

  2. This most established website on "Chess in Singapore" must surely be The CHIACS Page, managed by local FM Chai Chee Seng. Mr. Chia is a lso a member of the SIngapore Chess Federation.

  3. Local national playerJunior Tay has got his website The Tays' up and going. Great site to visit but must have at least Netscape 4.0 to enjoy the high tech stuff there. My Netscape 3.0 just cannot make it!

  4. Visit national player NM Mark Chan's webpage to know moree about him and his view of chess.

  5. The official website of the NUS Chess Club, NUS meaning National University of Singapore. Many top players in Singapore graduated from NUS, like IM Hsu, IM Toh, CM Malcom Tan and many others. This is one of the strongest chess club in Singapore. NUS Chess Club used to top the National Division of the annual Pestasulkan-National Interclubs and even today NUS Chess club is still very much respected.

  6. Bukit Batok Community Center Chess Club is the club thatI have been playing at for many years. For the current term (2000-2001), the club is managed by a few close friends and myself. As we have yet to have a website for our club (and probably never will since the webmaster-myself- is a lazy bum!), "Chess In Singapore" will be BBCCCC's temporal home. BBCCCC? What kind of weird name is that????

    International Chess News

  7. The Week In Chess is one of the best site I have seen reporting chess news worldwide. They also provide other services like sale of chess products.

  8. Do you speak French, Monsieur? If you do, then France Echecs change d'adresse is not to be missed. The news there are most up-to-date.

  9. Ajedrez Chess City provides up to date international chess news.

  10. First Saturday Tournament at Budapest is the site with tournament reports from the world famous FS Tournaments from Budapest handled by the much respected chess organizer Mr. Nagy Lazslo.

  11. Do you know that there is active Chess in Ireland? No? Then take a look!

  12. To read about "Chess in Malaysia", go to Mr. Quah's homepage. Mr.Quah contributes chess articles on a regular basis to "The Star" newspaper and his website is regarded by many to have the most updated news on the Malaysian chess scene.

  13. Bobby Ang's The Filipinos Play Chess has very interesting contents. Good for a relatively updated view of the chess scene in the Philipines.

    International Chess Federations and Offical Bodies

  14. Irish Chess Union Site

  15. Chess Central - Austrialian/World Chess News

  16. Croatian Web Page

  17. Czech Chess

  18. FIDE Arbiters Council

  19. FIDE Registered Tournaments

  20. ICCF homepage

  21. Official IECG homepage

    Chess Servers

  22. Chess.net is my favourite chess server not only because its free but I like the interface too. My handle is "sleeepy". So if you see me there, just challenge me! (Note: I only play 5 0 and above.)

  23. Another highly recomended site is Free Internet Chess Server.

  24. The first server I was introduced to is the Internet Chess Club. I really love this place. The only catch is that ICS requires an annual subscription fee. Many local chess players are regulars on ICS, if you know who they are.

    Other Chess Links

  25. If you are interested in chess variants, try Joe Mahan's webpage on 4 Player Chess.

  26. Steve Pribut's Page has lots of link but has not been updated for a while.

  27. Want to buy chess sets and other equipment? Try this site, Nf3, recomended by Mr. Pierre Nayagam.

  28. Contain Lots of News and more

  29. Kasparov's Webpage

  30. News on the Russian chess scene

  31. Chess Web Magazine

  32. About ChessViewer

  33. Popular Chess Links

  34. The 3d Chess Webpage

  35. The Hammer's Chess Links

  36. G. Kasparov - A.karpov

  37. Welcome to Chessmaster

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