Golden Age Heroes & Zeroes
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Yango the Super-Ape [a Kryptonian gorilla who gained human intelligence due to cybernetic brain-programming conditioning on Krypton and was later rocketed to Earth's African jungle] (National) Yank and Doodle (Prize) Yank Wilson, Super Spy Q-4 (Fox) Yankee Boy (Chesler) [a] Yankee Boy (Chesler) [b] Yankee Doodle Jones (Chesler) Yankee Doodle Jones' pal, Dandy (Chesler) Yankee Eagle [aka Jerry Noble] and his pal, Sam (Quality) Yankee Girl (Superior) Yankee Girl (I.W. Publications) Yarmak (AU) Yarko the Great (Fox) Yellowjacket (Gerona) [a] Yellowjacket (Gerona) [b] Yellowjacket (Gerona) [c] Yellowjacket (Gerona) [d] The Young Avenger (Timely) Young Robin Hood (Gleason) [a] Young Robin Hood (Gleason) [b] Young Robin Hood (Gleason) [c]