Intertribal Jokes...Funny
Lila Iyomakpi yelo. Ata Ihakela wayelo!
Indian Humor has always been around. Even at Powwows. Intertribal humor is significantly harmless, though it may sound extremely offensive. Intertribal humor has been a way of communicating between the Sicangu (Rosebud Brule Sioux) and the Oglala (Pine Ridge Sioux) for years. Oglalas visiting Rosebud Relatives hear these alot. Here is contemporary Lakota humor at its worst/finest? Which ever way you want to look at it...
Oglala aowehanhanpi kin Sicangu ekta keyapelo.
Oglalas call them "Rosebud Jokes"
Three Sicangus are sitting butt naked in a sweatlodge when
suddenly a pager goes off.

The one Sicangu from Mission presses against his forearm and the
beeping stops. The other two look at him curiously and he says, "I have
a pager microchip in my arm." A few minutes later, a phone starts ringing.

The Second Sicangu from Antelope puts the palm of his hand
against his ear and starts talking. When he is finished, he says, "I have a phone
microchip in my hand."

The third Sicangu guy from Rosebud (feeling a bit out of
character) leaves the sweatlodge for a few minutes and returns with a
piece of toilet paper hanging from his ass.

The other two guys look at him curiously and he says, "I'm receiving a FAX."

An Oglala Sioux man travelling in Rosebud walks into a large public washroom....

He is wearing a large Oglala Tribal flag on his jacket, and starts some small talk with the other men standing there at the urinal.
4 Rosebud Sioux men and the Oglala Sioux finish at the same time and the 4 Rosebud Sioux men walk to the sink and start washing their hands.
The Oglala Sioux starts to walk out the door and one of the Rosebud men comments...
"In Rosebud Country, we wash our hands after taking a piss!!"
The other 3 Rosebud Sioux men nod in agreement as the Oglala Sioux mansays....
"In the Oglala Country, we don't piss on our hands!!"

A Heavy Rosbudder Walked into Prairie Winds Casino.....

A 350 lb Singer of a Drum Group from Rosebud went to Pine Ridge Powwow. After the first day of wacipi, he decided to go check out Prairie Winds Casino. So he stuck his drumstick in his back pocket and forgot to remove it when he arrived at the casino. He sat down at a slot machine and started playing his quarters, with the drumstick still in his back pocket. Soon afterward, a little old lady showed up. She was semi blind, but wanted to play the slots. So she looked around the casino for a machine. In front of her sat the 350 lb singer with his pants hanging half way off his butt so that his butt crack showed. Thinking he was a slot machine, She walked up behind him, stuck a quarter in his butt crack and pull the drumstick down.
Fathers Day

What Goes On at Rosebud During Fathers Day?
A: Mass Confusion...
Rosebudder @ a Powwow

A Rosebudder is at a powwow and comes yelling up to the announcer stand.
", somebody call Security!"
He's yelling with fright, "there's two women fighting over me behind the announcer stand, and the ugly one is winning!"
From a Sicangu Powwow Flyer...

"The Powwow Committee is not responsible for accidents occurred nine months later."
What do you get when you drive by Oglala Lakota College Administration Building Real Slow?

A Degree!
The Hunkpapa, Oglala, and Sicangu guys...

Three Men were in a strip bar checking out the nude strippers. A Hunkpapa from Ft. Yates, An Oglala from Pine Ridge, and a Sicangu from Rosebud. The stripper came over to them and shook her body at the men.
The Hunkpapa pulled out a $20 and licked the end of the bill and slapped it on her butt cheek.
The Oglala thought he could do better and took out a $50 from his pocket. He licked the end and slapped it on her other butt cheek.
The Sicangu looked at both men and thought "I'm smarter than both of these jokers." He reached into his pocket, Pulled out an EBT card. He slid the card between the strippers butt cheeks and took the $20 and $50 bills.
The Moral of the Story:
Dont let your children chew on your EBT cards, you don't know where they have been!
Submitted by an Oglala/Pueblo woman, Porcupine SD. May 2000
Budgie Jumping...

An Oglala and a Sicangu are standing on top of a cliff. One has a budgie on his shoulder, the other has a parrot. The Oglala man jumps off the cliff. Halfway down, the budgie flies off and the Oglala continues to fall until he hits the ground in a crumpled heap.
The Sicangu man then jumps off the cliff. Halfway down, the parrot flies off, the Sicangu man quickly pulls out a gun and shoots it dead. The man then lands in a similar hep beside his friend.
The Oglala looks up and says "Geez, that budgie jumping isn't any fun".
To which the Sicangu man replies, "I can't recommend the parrot-shoot jumping either".
Submitted by an Anishnabe/Ojibway, Minneapolis MN. Jun 2000
Rosebud Diet

A Rosebud NDN man with a very big belly went to the doctor.
The doctor looked at his belly and said, "you should diet!"
The Rosebudder asked the doctor..."What Color?"

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