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Member, Oglala Lakota Nation-Pine Ridge Indian Reservation
Graduate: Oglala Lakota College

Lifelong resident of Reservation. Survivor of
Reign of Terror 1973-76.

Pupil of Traditional Philosophy.

Lakota Student Alliance
Founded 1995 at Ft. Snelling State Park Minn. --  International
American Indian Movement (AIM) Conference for Indigenous Peoples.

Organized 25th Anniversary of Wounded Knee Liberation
Feb 1998.

Participant in Protest to Close the School of Americas at Fort Benning, Columbus Georgia: Nov 1998.

Founding member of the First Fire of the Oceti Sakowin (7 Council Fires)
Camp on Laframbois Island - Pierre SD Protest: Spokesperson/Coordinator March 22, 1999.

Organized 25th yr Reunion of Incident at Oglala Participants
June 2000.

Coordinated 26th Year Commemoration of Incident at Oglala - June 2001

Presenter: 2001 Campus Greens Founding Convention, Chicago, Illinois -  Invited to National Convention to present Workshop -
Traditional Native American decision-making.
Aug. 9-12, 2001

Executive Director of the
Great Plains Tribal Water Alliance November 2006, Great Sioux Nation
WIPING OF TEARS by Jon Lurie: 25th Reunion Incident @ Oglala
Jon Lurie Article:
Anonymous account of '75 Pine Ridge Events printed one day before Peltier parole hearing
Laframbois Island
Remember Wounded Knee
Peltier 2000 Concert 6/27/2000
Letter from Leonard Peltier
Declaration of Continuing Independence
f the 1st International Indian Treaty Conference 1974
A Fire That Burns: Legacy of Wounded Knee by Ian Record
Its All About the Land by Ian Record
Reign of Terror 1973-76
Paha Sapa -We cannot Sell
Paha Sapa - KKK in 1920s S.D.
Hau, Tatankanajin emanciyapelo. Pahin Sinte Wakpala otonwahe etan wahi. Na Wambli Hohpe oyanke etan wahi yelo. Lila hinhannila hci wasteyapelo. Tuwa Tona anahonpta nakapi hece, Iyuha iyuskinaya nape ciyuzapelo. Cante wasteya glapo! Anpetu kin le lila tanyan yahi yelo!
Greetings, my spirit name is Standing Buffalo. I am from the Porcupine Creek community. I also come from the Wambli area. I give warm greetings to you all. I want to extend a warm handshake to everybody from my heart, I'm happy to meet you on this beautiful day
The Lakota Confederacy
Lakota Student Alliance
Isantee, (Santee Sioux) | Ho hwoju (Minneconjou) |  Itazipaco,(No Bows)  Hunkpapa, | Sicangu, | Oglala, | Ihanktonwan (Yanktonais),  Dakota (Sissetonwan/Wahpetonwan) | Dakota (Santee Crow Creek) |  Kul Wicasa (Lower Brule)  |  Sahiyela (Northern Cheyenne) | Arapaho | Assiniboine/Sioux
"Our nation has never been conquered. The battle has been, for a long time now, in our way of thinking, beliefs. It's more hidden and will take greater strategic planning than before.
Mita Kola
"...we must assess how colonization has affected each one of us and our communities. Colonization has had varied and incomplete results. Native people are now being subjected to the raw forces of cultural transformation that often play themselves out through violent interpersonal conflicts. The ultimate cost of these conflicts is a loss of sovereignty, self governing capacity, and quite possibly our existence as distinct peoples. If we wish to remain sovereign nations and grow stronger in our ability to self-determine our future, we must find ways to channel the conflict within us into a productive force in our lives and for our nations."
Robert B. Porter, "Crisis Pending: Governance in Tribal America",

Native Americas Magazine, 1999
Mock Duck
Jim Page
Different Drums (AIROS)
Wounded Knee  Feb 27 & 28, 1998
25 yrs Anniversary: Tipi's standing in Blizzard
Click the Photo to Read more about the 1973 Wounded Knee 25th Anniversary
Photo by Greg Latza 1998
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