I've an intense interest in Antarctica...this probably stems from my love of all things hidden and boy, there's a lot of space here for concealment!!! - Antarctic Maps were drawn three centuries before its "discovery" in 1818. Piri Reis' map, painted on a gazelle skin in 1531, was rediscovered in the Old Imperial Palace's library in Constantinople in 1929. Reis, in his own writing on the chart, noted he was not the originator of the map, but he copied from ancient sources. The Oronteus Finacus map of 1531 was included in Mercator's Atlas of 1569. In 1737, Philipp Buache published a map showing demensions beneath the ice not verified until 1958, when a comprehensive seismic survey was completed during the International Geophysical Year.

Exotic Microbes Discovered near Lake Vostok

2002/03/08 - a weather station in Antarctica


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Links to organizations involved with the antarctic region


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