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CHaSKi in full glory! - Summer 1999/2000 As Cristo, you have a natural interest in the welfare of your fellow man, and a desire to help and serve others in a humanitarian way. You are responsible and generous, although somewhat scattering and disorganized at times. Any jobs requiring systematic and conscientious effort, or involving any form of drudgery, dismay you. In your work, you would seek a position offering self-expression through contact with people, such as sales or teaching, or a position giving scope to your creative, artistic talents. You are good-natured and likeable, and people tend to confide in you and seek your advice in personal problems. Others sense your sincere interest and desire to help, and you can always be counted on to see the bright side of any problem. You enjoy making others happy and you never let your own problems "get you down" for any length of time, even though you do tend to worry too much at times. Your optimism can be a source of inspiration to others as well as yourself. In close personal relationships you are usually thoughtful and considerate. However, your natural interest in others, coupled with your sympathetic reaction to problems, could draw you into emotional situations which may be difficult to get out of. Health weakness would appear as skin conditions or ailments relative to the liver. A tendency to overeat quick-energy foods aggravates any health problems. I got this info of my name at KABALARIANS

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Some of my other interests include :


NJoying the journey 2wards reaching my LIFE's goal, i am creating an inspirational site called CaTCH THiS aTTiTuDe & the sharing of this knowledge/wisdom/experience brings Light & Love where there was a limited amount b4... Please pop around there & share ANY insights or suggestions u might have... & pleeeeze make an effort 2 sign da ViSiToR's LoGBooK, 'cause i LOOOVE hearing from the wanderers that cross my path in ANY which way!!

2002/03/09 - currently part of a course on psychic developement & conscious out of body experience & LOOOVING EACH moment!!! - also, started writing articles for Bruin-Ou with promotion of UFO info in mind... - meeting interesting individuals thru the SAUFOR site & i welcome YOU 2 read about them... ...and you thought South Africa has never seen UFOs!!! hehehehehe... - NJOY!!!

update coming RRREAL sooon...

Egypt, here i come!!! - hooohoooo!! - i've managed 2 get myself involved with a group of 'bout 30 of whom i know 1 person & that is the facilitator of our meditational seminar where we will b UNVEILING THE ETHERIC RECORDS OF HUMANITY/ATLANTIS... & her name is Gillian Patterson from the UK... i call her Gill... well anyway, along this journey of self-discovery, i LOVE being an ACTIVE Experiencer coupled with an OBJECTIVE Observer 2getha with being Co-Creator of my Reality and being AWARE of all this stimulates such a WoW feeling!! ... & going 2 meet up with my old friends, the pyramids & sphinx & whateva else lies waiting 4 me, gives me such an exciting "butterflies in my tummy" feeling... i MUST go look 4 that old camera... c ya!!

And now 4 some of my history:
In October of 1999 i've been awarded the CEO AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE which included a prize where i can travel...and acting on my intuition it was an easy choice!...and although if you mention any place on this planet, i will be able to mention at least 1 reason why i would LOVE visiting that place, my heart is set on visiting South America!...i regularly purchase the magazine called Odyssey where this 1 advert always stuck in my reads as follows: "Let PERU & BOLIVIA change your life...Machu Picchu, ancient Andean sites, Lake Titicaca & more...Picture obtained from - THANX! The original tour group offers A ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME MILLENNIUM EXPERIENCE...Authentic Sacred Journeys, Shamanic Rituals & Ceremonies, Spirit of the Mountain Wilderness...Experience your own inner journey...Contact Carol Christie (021)685 7095...I feel as though i am destined to be surrounded by the magical atmosphere that is freely available there...I am currently in the process of sorting out leave over the period of DEC 22 to JAN 10 and i trust that my angels will assist in the successful granting of this very special leave!...the costs so far seems to be in the region of +-R25 000!...i would never have been able to even dream of spending such an amount of money was it not for working at Vodacom - THANX!!!...below is a stunning pic of Machu Picchu which is 1 of the sacred sites that i will be visiting...
Click on the pic below for a larger view...
Machu Picchu Smiles, thanx to for this pic!

Now back in South Africa, i feel great and wonderfully greatful 2 the universe for such abundance that i am Xperiencing and 1 thing i feel like sharing about my trip at this time is a nickname that i've earned which i love, CHaSKi - plainly it means "messenger" in the language of the INCA! - i'll Xpand on that soon...

I've built and am still building my own homepage at

And If 4 some reason u wanna c a pic of me with my 1st girlfriend, Venessa, check out this pic of when we were in a quaint coastal town about 130 kms outside of Cape Town, South Africa called Hermanus...Here we were njoying the fresh air on a rainy day at the annual Whale-Festival, aptly named for when the number of visiting whales r at a climax, usually during October! - Venessa Padayachee is a social worker by profession, working with a NGO or Non-Governmental Organization named NICRO...I had a wonderful time knowing Venessa and learning SO MUCH about what relationships have 2 offer and how unconditional love is such a great goal in my life...We have parted our ways a while b4 i went on my trip & spiritual journey, but we r still communicating at times and 1 thing i'll add is that her masterfull cooking skills draws me back countless times!!

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