CHaSKi XPLoReS Wonderful Caves

the Wonderful world of Caves have sparked my interest since the very 1st time i saw that people, however primitive they might have been, are believed to have occupied these time-capsules & that they present us with an unique window to the origins of man & the developement of our growth... what further amazes me, is that a cave is a 3rd dimensional example of how when one looks at something on the outside, one cannot possibly imagine ALL that is on the inside... caves have this remarkable quality to open up new worlds to our perception...

...and here in Southern Africa, we have STUNNING examples of caves, some that have been inhabited for more than 800 000 years... believe it!!

for example, look at McGregor Museum's overview of the Wonderwerk Cave where rock art dating back to 8200 B.C. and then there is the rich Namibian territory that have some of the most interesting sites in the world... visit the National Museum of Namibia for detailed info...


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