Positively, living GENIUS! - in LIFE, i have found that u can listen 2 what others have 2 say in order 2 finally make up your own mind as 2 what is "right" 4 u! and in doing so, i would advise focussing your attention 2 individuals that u might "look up" to! - having said that, i can now tell u that admiration is a definate favourate passtime of mine!! and i'm not saying that i spend ALL my time watching others, however, in my search 4 unconditional LOVE, it is quite AMAZING how when 1 puts in the effort 2 find something, how SIMPLE it is 2 find what u'r looking 4! - and a little footnote is in order...i mentioned that i get information from observing others, however i must just share a little secret here and THAT is...information is gathered thru numerous ways, NOT just from observation & admiration! it is thru available teachings and self-observation that confirmation is given where it is then up 2 the individual 2 decide WHEN "enough" information was gathered in order to "finally make up your own mind" and in wrapping up this little discussion with myself, let me add "i hold out as long as possible b4 'finally' making up my mind..." - and sometimes i NEVER make up my mind! hehehehe

and 'cause only ME can make the choice 2 look up 2 some1, i can choose who that person would be! 42nately, this planet just so happens 2 b FULL of such inspirational beings! - take David and his wife Leigh Eddings 4 example...i SO love giving some1 the example...
this person walks up 2 me & asks: "hey, what u reading?" - and i say: "Eddings, do u know Eddings? No? Well its Fantasy, u know, like the war between Good & Evil, Dragons, Knights, Magic, stuff like that! And THESE authors r geniuses!" - and then mostly the response would b: "HuH?!" - so what do i do? - naturally, i forcefeed them some literature!!! - and upon opening ANY book ANYwhere, i say READ, in NO uncertain terms...and i LOVE 2 c the light go on when some1 reads & they read & they read some more... i'll have 2 eventually interrupt their little moment of pleasure (u know, so i can selfishly get back 2 indulging myself again...) by saying something like: "u likes?" - of course u know the response...and then the MAGIC unfolds...some1 inevitably overhears our conversation (or part thereof) and feels compelled 2 bcome a part of something stimulating in our otherwise "dull" existence...and it is quite AWEsome 2 witness how many souls have come 2 know, admire & LOVE Eddings' creations!

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Belgarath the SorcererBelgarath the Sorcerer

Excerpt from Chapter 1 of Belgarath the Sorcerer:

The problem with any ideas is the fact that the more it gets bandied about, the more feasible it seems to become. What starts out as idle speculation--something mildly entertaining to while away a few hours before going to bed--can become, once others are drawn into it, a kind of obligation. Why can't people understand that just because I'm willing to talk about something, it doesn't automatically follow that I'm actually willing to do it?

As a case in point, this all started with Durnik's rather inane remark about wanting to hear the whole story. You know how Durnik is, forever taking things apart to see what makes them work. I can forgive him in this case, however. Pol had just presented him with twins, and new fathers tend to be a bit irrational. Garion, on the other hand, should have had sense enough to leave it alone. I curse the day when I encouraged that boy to be curious about first causes. He can be so tedious about some things. If he'd have just let it drop, I wouldn't be saddled with this awful chore.

But no. The two of them went on and on about it for day after day as if the fate of the world depended on it. I tried to get around them with a few vague promises--nothing specific, mind you--and fervently hoped that they'd forget about the whole silly business.

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