The interest i have 4 studying Ethnomycology came about from the fascination i have of how the human mind perceives reality. Looking back, since i can remember, i have somehow always observed people around me and i would b in awe of how two people could look at exactly the same thing and c two very different things! An example here is probably in order... Look at the pic below:

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What do u c? - yes, there r trees, water flowing & what looks like a rider on a horse accompanied by another horse...BUT, do u c more than that? - There r faces hidden in this many can u find? - email me at if u know the answer...I digress...My point is that 1 person might look at this pic and c 2 hidden faces...another might find more...why? - now, here one might argue that all this proves is that some people r naturally more observant than others...and i would totally agree...(i am simply using the best example i have at my current disposal)...howeva, 1 might also argue that people see differently due 2 different perspectives of reality! - Additionally, i believe, that at different times, under different conditions, under different states of would also see differently...The hallucinigenic effects that certain substances have on one's inputs, influence your perception of reality! - For further info on ethnomycology, see this lecture paper on the background as well as the links provided below...

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Swastika - the ancient spiritual symbol
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James Arthur
Meso-American Mushroom Stones
The Ones That Stain Blue study is taking me closer & closer 2 the mystical world of the shaman & connecting with the tribal ancestors seems 2 b only logical with finding answers to questions relating to the discovery of who i am...


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