Crying Bear's Friend's Sites....

These are sites owned by my friends on the web. Please feel free to view them all and tell them, Crying Bear Sent you! :)

1.) Ed's Place

2.) Rich's Website

3.) Deborah Lynn Haley

4.) International War Veterans Poetry Archive

5.) Military Travels

6.) Poems By Faye

7.) Faes 2000

8.) Heart Verses

9.) Cob Web Corner

10.) Inside The Circle: A poet`s Den

11.) Down This Country Lane

12.) Street Lights

13.) Bushranger's Revetment

14.) RAAF Vietnam Veterans' Association

15.) Army Mom's Safe Haven

16.) Small Eagle's Eyrie

17.) Red Cowboy's Poetry

Two Special Pages by Me (Not Listed on pages within site):

18.) Tribute to Tommy

18.) My Baby

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