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  Welcome aboard the World War II aircraft carrier USS Cowpens (CVL-25).  The "Mighty Moo" was an Independence Class light fleet aircraft carrier (CVL) which saw duty in the Fast Carrier Task Force in the Pacific from 1943 to 1945.   She was awarded twelve Battle Stars and a Navy Unit Commendation for service during World War II.

  The Cowpens was named in honor of the Revolutionary War battle of January 17, 1781, fought seven miles north of the town of Cowpens, South Carolina.  This battle was a victory in the campaign which led to the surrender of the British at Yorktown, Virginia.

Famous USS Cowpens 'Firsts':
First US aircraft carrier in South China Sea - January 10, 1945
First aircraft carrier in Tokyo Bay - August 27, 1945

My Interest in the Cowpens
  My father,
Lt. Charles E. White, USNR, was a Naval Aviator and served aboard the Cowpens from September, 1944, through the end of the war.  This link contains pictures and information regarding his military service and time aboard the Cowpens.

Need Information
  I am actively seeking any information regarding the Cowpens, her crew, embarked Air Groups, images, etc.  I would like to hear from Cowpens Veterans or their families.  Please
e-mail me with any information you may have.

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