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Straw blowers and sheep skin fiddlers, the fifers and drummers of the Civil War have a unique place in American history. Men and boys as young as nine left the comforts of their mid 19th century homes to take up an instrument and join in the swelling war. Whether he was a Northerner or Southerner, enlisting in the army was a chance to see the land outside his town and fight for what he believed in. It was an opportunity for adventure that would set him a place in history.

Today, reenactors and living historians recreate the events that took place during the Civil War. Men and boys once again play the fifes and drums, just as was done 140 years ago. This website is to serve as a resource for reenactors, as well as those with an active interest in the topic, to learn more about the story behind Civil War field musicians.


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Latest Updates:

September 28, 2004
4 New Photos of an
Original Bass Drum.

September 3, 2004
2 New Photos of
Original Drums.

June 30, 2004
Photos from
140th Spotsylvania are up!
New photo on
Original F&D from the Gettysburg Museum.

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